7 Lucky Ways to Keep from Getting Pinched on St Pat’s, Kittehs!



St Patrick’s Day is nearly upon us, and ya don’t wanna be pinched for lacking Irish spirit, do ya? Here are 10 ways to get a wee bit o’ Irish in ya… click any photo for purchase info.


Got Shades?

$13 to look like Elton McJohn

Cute Cat St Pat’s Thingies

$15- set of 2
I’m not sure exactly what you’d do with these ornaments, but geez, they’re awfully cute.

St Patrick’s Day Cat Sweater

$16, Choice of Dark or Light Green, asst sizes

McPatrick Cat Button/Magnet

$4.00 Straight from the Dingleberry Peninsula!

Lucky Charm Calvin Collar

$7.50 Nobody rocked the orange and green quite like Calvin.

The Story of Buster and the St Paddy’s Purrade

$5.00 Buster the Cat, listens as his person Megan tells him she would love to have an entry in the local St. Patrick’s Day Parade and win a prize. Join Buster and his animal pals in the hilarity and Buster’s stressing as they scurry to find costumes to be in the annual parade. Kids’ and young cats book. LINK TO BUY

And of Course, Mom Needs Something… AND a beer!


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  1. Laura S says:

    Thanks for including our Calvin Collar!

  2. Raffy says:

    Omg I sooo love those festive cat glasses! Hahahahaha Yes!. Check out my St patty kitty http://www.catsonthings.com/kill-me-stpatricksdaycat/


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