9 Whimsical Gloombuster Cats

You’ll be dead of the kyoot when you see these charming knit cats by OlgaMareeva. The first thing I thought of when I saw them was that I should buy up a bunch and make a stop motion animation movie with them… those faces!

They’re made of high quality angora and mohair yarn and stuffed with poly. Individual cats are $58. A few have props and cost a squidge more. Click any photo to go to the product page.


A kindle of cute! $58 ea.

Coffee, tea, or me?

Who wants treats???

Time for Treats!

Chow time!


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  1. Shadow Dance Ranch Kittehs says:

    Mew,mew!! We wishes we could has some of these kyoot kittehs!
    Xoxoxo Dancer and the Shadow Dance Ranch Clan

  2. Oh my word! I want loads! It would like having kittens again without all the down sides. MOL
    Excellent! I shall head on over to the site and get one!
    Purrs. ERin

  3. Oh wow! they are perfect aren’t they!!!!!


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