9 Ways for Kittehs to Spring into Summer

Once Memorial Day is behind us, we start making summer plans and cats are no different. They look forward to getting outdoors and enjoying the fresh air — even if they’re indoor cats. Here are 13 products are guaranteed to make your cats’ summer super.

Cat Daisy hat: $17.99

The in Himalayan in the photo above is sporting a summerific sunflower costume by Pampered Whiskers. It’s a steal at less than $18, it’s handmade, and it arrives in Pampered Whiskers’ signature hat box!

Frosty Bowlz

Frosty Blowz are available on Amazon for $24.99

I am amazed no one thought of this sooner. It’s a water dish with a freeze pack built in and an ant-repelling moat at the base. Just plop the freeze pack into your freezer, and the bowl with keep your cat’s water cool through the longest of summer days.

When my geezer cat Rocky was in his sunset years, he loved spending part of the day on our back deck. I was concerned that he might not get sufficient hydration, so I started putting ice cubes in his bowl so the water wouldn’t heat during the day. Well, he liked the ice water so much that he began to demand it. When he’d get ready to drink, he stood by the water dish — whether outside or inside — and would stare me down until I dropped in a couple of cubes. He would have loved a Frosty Bowl.

360 Pet Fountain

drinkwell 360 cat drinking fountain


Not only do your cats need lots of water during the summer months, they might also benefit from having several types of water dishes, especially if you have more than just a couple of cats. This Drinkwell 360 Pet Fountainallows multiple cats to drink at one time, and the water comes up from below and falls into multiple streams. Cats who have ’em love ’em. Drink up!


Kat Kabin

I used to think of Kat Kabins as being winter refuges for outdoor kitties. But it turns out, they’re a year-long retreat for cats who want a comfy spot to hang out.

KatKabin's ScratchKabin

KatKabin Cat House in Royal Blue $121.47

We have a KatKabin on one of our balconies, and during the warm weather the cats often spend their afternoons in the Kat Kabin’s cozy embrace. It’s comfortably cool on the inside even during heat waves, and the cats obviously love chilling inside.

But wait, there’s more! Better than ever, KatKabin now offers the ScratchKabin Cat House. A textured scratching surface surrounds the house and it comes in three designer color to complement your home’s interior.

Once KatKabin builds in food and water dishes, there won’t be any reason for your cat to leave.

Zip Line

You’ll need to exercise caution with the zip line, but if you’re outdoors where you can supervise your cat, the zip line provides your cat with access to the outdoors with more room to roam than portable outdoor enclosures.

You can use this clothesline alternative to a zipline. $12.99

To install the zip line, tie it up high, but not between trees in the event that your cat is inclined to climb one. We use hooks on the roof beneath the eaves. You want to coordinate the height of the zip line with the length of the cat’s leash — you don’t want so much play in the leash line that your cat risks getting entangled. And of course, you don’t want it so short that the cat is dangling in the air by his neck. I loop the hand-end of the leash through the d-ring on the cat’s harness, then use the latch-end to affix it to the zip line.

You can modify a clothesline (if you can find it), or anything else that secures well and allows the leash to slide easily without much play as the cat moves. Some cat owners use a zip line when going camping.

Zip Line Cautions

  • Never leave your cat unattended, even for a millisecond.
  • Don’t use on cats who spook easily, and use it in a quiet enclosed area.
  • Don’t string the line over areas where your cat could climb or get stuck (hidey holes, trees, etc.)
  • Leash train your cat before using the zip line.
  • Make sure you use a snug body harness that the cat cannot wriggle out of.


Catio Playhouse, $520.99

The Trixie Pet Products Outdoor Cat Run is any cat’s dream catio. It’s a way to let your indoor cats enjoy time outdoors safely. This one even comes with a clubhouse.  Like the zip line, never leave your cat unattended even for short periods of time.

Outdoor Fun Run Tunnel

Fun Run outdoor cat tunnelThis Outdoor Fun Run Tunnel is another great way to give your cats a taste of the outdoors in complete safety. You can zip two or more together to form a labyrinthine maze of cat fun. It’s light, compact, and easy to set up. We’ve had one for years inside the house, and it purrvides hours of entertainment, even years later.

Build a Catio!

kenel, $219.99

Why not go all the way? Forget those portable cat enclosures and use your summer vacation to build your cats a catio!

The catio can be as basic or elaborate as your skills and money allow and most of them are just plain amazing!  They’ll keep your cats safe while outdoors.

We built ours using the kennel above as a base. It’s 6′ high and 4′ deep. We bought two of them to create an 8’X8′ enclosure. More catio details here.

Cat TV Window Feeder Observation Station

Window Bird Feeder $20.09

Cats are the most enthusiastic bird watchers on the planet and your cat would love nothing more than to spend her summer hours watching birds up close and purrsonal. This Cat TV! Observer Window Feeder allows her to do just that from inside the house! Helps stimulate her appetite, too!



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  1. Debbie says:

    Hubby and I made a 10′ X 10′ catio for our feline kids using a dog kennel. We added an escape-proof roof (primarily shade cloth) and a pass-through window into the master bedroom, and filled the catio with old patio furniture, plants, soft beds and hide-aways. The kitties LOVE it and spend much of their days (and nights) out there. Two large dog houses hold huge litter boxes too. It was easy to do, secure, easy to clean and not expensive, but could be dismantled if necessary in less than an hour. It gives our kitties an additional 100 square feet all their own to lie in the sun, watch the birds, or play. We have very happy kitties!

  2. Max says:

    Most excellent timing. My people are talking about a catio! I have to show them this!

  3. As much as I’d love to put up bird feeders, having The ‘O’ Cats outside means some birds might end up as their snacks! In good conscience, I must abstain. Actually, The ‘O’ Cats eat mice, but don’t want to tempt them! But these are excellent ideas!

  4. Erin The Cat says:

    We especially love the bird feeder…. I best not say why in case I get banned again by Face Book. Everything else would make great gifts for any cat loving family—with the exception of the zip line. Sorry but that is a recipe for disaster in my book as it only takes seconds for things to go wrong and then it’s too late for dear little kitten or cat.


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