Aquaman Saves Cat From Icy Drowning (VIDEO)

Hobart, Indiana's own Aquaman, Darden Schurg, saved a cat from an icy death after the moggy fell through the ice on a semi-frozen lake.

The twenty-one-year-old was at his father’s home when he spotted a feral cat walking on ice-covered Lake George. Moments later, the ice gave way and the cat fell in the water. "We ran to the boat dock and saw the cat across the way, struggling," Schurg said. "It could not get to shore. I could see that the fur was freezing and he was getting weighed down."

Schurg said his adrenalin kicked in and he jumped into the icy water to try and save the cat.

"Once I got my bearings, I got a good stride going and I was cutting through the ice pretty quick," he said. "After I got to the cat, I didn’t notice how cold the water was." His sister-in-law caught the rescue on video.

Schurg credited years of wrestling training with helping him in the frigid water. He swam about 40 yards to get to the cat, who appeared to be thankful for his help. “He was not fighting or scratching,” Schurg said.

Schurg suffered several cuts from the sharp ice in the water. “As soon as I got out, my hands and feet were numb,” he said. “My hands were all cut up, body all cut up. I don’t want to say I was going to faint but I was really light-headed.”

As for the cat, Schurg said he appeared just fine. “He got in the sun, dried off and walked away,” he said.

Mr. Schurg, we salute you!

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  1. Wendy Reynolds says:

    There’s a special place in heaven for Darden!   

  2. EEK!  Well, that man sured earned his angel's wings for helping that poor kitty!

    • Mousebreath Magazine says:

      You betcha! It's hard for me to jump in the pool if the pool's water isn't above 85 degrees. I certainly would have tried to rescue the cat, but am pretty sure it wouldn't have ended well. Hurray for Darden!!!!

  3. Hooray for Aquaman and the very lucky kitty!


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