Ask Max Monday: Breathe.

Ask Max Monday Dear Max, Weez kitties have a situazun up in da house. It got nice and warm when The springs sprung, but then the propellers on da ceiling started making it windy in here. Now there is frickin freezing air coming out of the vents thingies. Humommy says she gots the hots waves but kitties is freezing. Why do we have to suffer because she’s old? She told us we’re getting a new air blower thingy soon and the cooling will be more effishent. Geeze how much more can we take specially since she stole our winter coats with her brush. We do have lots of quilts to lay on and the propellers in the bedroom are off, but how do we stop this lunacy? Your pals, Bella and Macey P.S. Why does this puter keep correcting my purrfect spelliin? Good luck with that. The Woman has been enduring the hots for over a year now, so we all have to suffer with the cold air blowing thingy working overtime, and even at night there’s a fan going an making my furs all chilly when I try to sleep on the bed. About the only thing you can do is hide under the bed where the air doesn’t blow, or in the closet where there are usually things to snuggle under and into for warms. Oh, and the computer tries to fix spelling because it was programmed by a human and they probably didn’t win the spelling bee, like, ever.

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Doods. Sunday was a very bad no good kind of day for a whole lot of people, the kind of day that can make a person forget how much good there is in this world, and how wonderful and amazing it all is. There’s a lot of anger mixed with all the sadness, and so many people feel afraid and impotent, not knowing what they can do to help fix it when horrible things happen. By the time I upload this, it will be Monday on the east coast. The families of 53 people will feel time slide from day zero to day one without the person they loved, and it will be raw and horrible for them. None of the arguing over why it happened will help them. None of the finger pointing will stem the bleeding of their souls. None of the righteous indignation will help a single person heal, not yet. Remind your people about what’s good. Snuggle up to them and purr hard; give them head bonks and whisker kisses, and whisper to their souls: this world is a wonderful place, and the beauty is there if you just look for it. Look into their eyes so that they can look into yours and see their own goodness reflected back at them. Let them know the truth; most people are good, and they are one of the good ones. We can’t fix the things that make our people hurt, but we can soothe their pain. And peoples… take the time to breathe. This life is a good one, I promise. It will never be long enough, no matter how many years, but if you let yourself see the beauty and feel the vibrant humming of humanity and kindness, when you come to the end you will surely see. It’s glorious. And you know what? So are you. ~Max~
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  1. Maureen says:

    Thank you Max for such an insightful comment on the tragic shooting.

  2. Oakley and Sugar-Cookie says:

    Deer Max

    Youse an your hooman iz wise..wez trying to get our hoomans to breath all de tyme. Sum days wez iz so grateful wez iz cats even iffin wez don’t gotz apposeable thumbs. It don’t seem worth it to have de thumbs.

    Wez purring dat all hoomanz remember dat not all hoomanz iz bad bad an when one hooman sufferz dey all suffer. Wez know wez read dat dere is power in de purrr of uz kitties and wez ask all our fellow cats an other creatures of de earth to lets all takez a deep deep breath and all purrr so loud dat dere will be a blanket of love over de whole hurting world.

    peace love an purrs oh wise an wonderful Max

    your Canadian fans dat hurt fur our Mew S. neighbours

    Oakley and Sugar-Cookie

  3. Anne says:

    Thank you for adding these words of comfort. May all kitties and their humans have a safe and peaceful week.

  4. Cary says:

    Thank you Max. You and your family are part of the good in the world. Yes, even Buddah is part of the good

  5. Miss juliea says:

    Wonderful words of wisdom Max! We is so sorry that these people has to go through this. Let’s hope that all of our kitties purrs and doggies head rubs and even all the little pocket pets and large pets that love us can help their humans and all of this make sense. How can one person hold so much hate? I’m just glad I get lots of loves. Juliea, Izzy, Buddy

  6. Sandy says:

    Thank you for your words of wisdom Max. We are trying to breathe and see through to the good and beauty.

  7. Andrea Kenner says:

    Leaky eyes!

  8. Bella says:

    You so smart! And the woman is too!

  9. Vicki Bejma says:

    You gave my kittehs exsulent adviss! I get mor luvs than eva!


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