Ask Max Monday: I Writed You a Book. Again!

Ask Max Monday

Ok, so there weren’t any questions for this week, so ya know what? I’m gonna engage in a little self-promotion, that’s what. A lot of you know that the Woman is a writer and she’s written a couple or six novels all on her own, and she helped me put together a few of my own. So a few years ago I had this idea, and we discussed it, and over the last couple of years worked on it, and this last year we wrote it.

Yep. I wanted to write some fiction of my own. There’s a lot of fiction out there, but not too many that were written by a cat. And doubly, not too many where the narrator in the story is a cat. So that’s what I wanted to do. A series of books where the main character is a cat.

paperbackbookstanding_1500x2000 Last week we got the final revisions back from the editor and the cover was done, and it all got uploaded to the printer and distributor. This coming week we’ll get an e-proof and then an actual proof copy so we can see how the book really looks when a person is holding it and flipping through the pages, and if it looks good, she’ll tell them how pretty it is, and it will be released for distribution.

I think it’s going to look spiffy. And it was fun to write. So much fun, there are at least two more books planned. We’re taking a metric ton of notes so that there could be many more beyond that if people like the stories and if we still have fun writing them.

So there were no questions for this week, just a teaser.

And Buddah wanted to interview me, because he wants to be a writer someday but figured he’d better start by asking questions, because no one is ready for a book-length single run on sentence.

Buddah: Ok, Max, what’s the book’s name and what’s it about?

Max: It’s called The Emperor of San Francisco, and it’s about 350 pages in paperback, and 280 in the hardback, because the hardback is a bigger trim size.

Buddah: No, what’s it ABOUT?

Max: It’s about some people in the future. They can time travel. And they have a cat.

Buddah: No one wants to read that. Who’s the cat?

Max: The cat is named Mister Wick. He’s a very old kitty—no one knows how old, not even him—and he lives with the King and Queen of Pacifica, along with their kids, Oz and Zed.

Buddah: Who’s the Emperor?


Buddah: Ok. Just tell us a little bit about it without being a sarcastic pain in the asterisk.

Max: All right. Picture it. The year is 2415 and you’re in San Francisco, in the country of Pacifica. And =POP= out of nowhere there’s this guy with a giant egg-shaped time machine, and he has no memory. He doesn’t know who he is, and he doesn’t remember the When he comes from. He’s found by Oz—she’s a princess, but not the stuck up kind—and her friend Drew, and while they’re trying to help this dood get his bearings, the Emperor shows up.

Oz really wants to help this guy figure out who he is; he seems like a nice guy, but they can’t be sure, because with no memory he doesn’t even know if he’s a stand up kind of guy or an axe murderer. They call him Finn, and along with Drew, a cat named Wick, and a super touch phobic Emperor, Oz sets out to discover just who Finn is and which When is his home.

The closer they get to the answers they need, though, the more Oz realizes she doesn’t know much about the Emperor, other than he saved her father’s life when he was a little boy. The dood doesn’t seem to age much, and he has no personal history before the day he showed up out of nowhere to save the young prince. He seems very willing to help, but he holds his secrets close and now that she can see him through a newcomer’s eyes, she realizes she has to know: who, really, is the Emperor of San Francisco?

Buddah: And Wick is the one who tells the story?

Max: Totally. He had to tell it, because you know people…they don’t always get the details right.

Buddah: You got that right.

That’s it, doods. As soon as it’s available for sale, I’ll post about it on my blog and on my Facebook page.

You’re gonna love Wick. He’s awesome.


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  1. C. Pickworth says:

    OK Maxx,

    Since no one had any questions last week, I will leave a comment. Several months ago my human wrote to you asking advice about bring a new cat into my house. You said I would be OK. Well, I AM NOT!! She hates everyone! She is a hard luck case – someone in her family developed and allergy and she couldn’t live there any more. My human says PATIENCE bud, just have PATIENCE. Her feelings are hurt and she is scared. She’s scared?! Every time I walk by she hisses, growls and swipes at me with her claws! I’m not safe in my own house!
    I am tired of PATIENCE! HELP!!


  2. new book huh?? concats!

    about this election thingy….when is it gonna end? the mom lady is using some new creative HBO werds that she says we aren’t allowed to repeat…which we don’t think it fair….and says it is all due to this election.

  3. Lee in Phoenix says:

    As a guy who likes time travel stories and loves cats, I’ll be anxiously awaiting the release of your new book, Max. Congratulations!

  4. Bella says:

    Hi Maxter,
    Catgradulatons on the novel. We can’t wait. Please send a free copy to the following address:
    Bella’s House
    The White One
    Near the Grass and Trees
    Somewhere, USA


  5. Banzai says:

    Max, how do I time travel that stoopid kittin away to anuther galixy?

  6. Juliea and Izzy says:

    There are other books with the Emporer of San Francisco in them (I’m thinking about Christpher Moore’s books). He is a homeless man with a couple of dogs and is reported to be based on a real person. Is this the same Emporer with a different story or timeline? I suppose he could have many disguises if he travels through time. I was just wondering if he was the inspiration. Along with the good Doctor of course.

  7. Reno Nevada says:

    MAX!!!!! Sumbuddy stoled my boy bits wile I wuz asleep!!!!!!

  8. Reno Nevada says:

    AND MAX! I just notist down thare that sumbuddy gave me a boyzillion win they stoled my boy bits!

  9. Miles Meezer says:

    Deer Max – concats on the book! Sammy wants to write one about a cat who owns a sooped up traktor and goes to traktor pulls. Sounds dull to us.

    Anyway, the mom said something very horrible to me. I was laying against her leg and she was hot. And she said ‘Miles yore a furry little furniss and it’s too hot for this” and then she moved me away. And then said “I love you buddy but not when it’s hot”. What does that even mean? She only loves me at certain times? SHEESH. I think I have to move.


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