Ask Max Monday: It’s All About ME!

Ask Max Monday And why the heck not? ME. All ME. Dear Max, What did you do this week? Love, Max Well, Max, since you asked…this week my new book, THE EMPEROR OF SAN FRANCISCO was released! This is my first piece of fiction and I am very, very excited about it. Also, I am very, very nervous about it, although the early reviews are good. front-cover-emperorDear Max, What is your book about? Love, Max Picture it: San Francisco in the year 2415. There are time portals and a princess named Oz and an Emperor who won’t let anyone touch him because of reasons, and a dood named Finn who popped up out of nowhere and doesn’t remember who he is or the When he’s from… AND IT’S NARRATED BY A CAT NAMED WICK! Oz and her friend Drew want to help Finn remember who he is, and Finn is all “Hmm, what’s this Emperor dood all about?” which gets Oz to think, “Hmm, who is the Emperor, really?” She can time travel, which means she can go back and spy on people. Plus, no one can lie to her. She knows if they do! So she’s gonna figure out who the Emperor of San Francisco is, and she can’t do it without Wick. Because what’s the point if Wick isn’t around? That’s what it’s about. Also, it’s about 330 pages if you get it in paperback. A little less in hardback., but that one is a bigger trim size. Dear Max, Where can I get a copy? Love, Max Right now, you can get the Kindle version on Amazon, the paperback on Amazon, or a hardback version on Amazon. I’ll also be ordering a few copies, so if you want a pawtographed one, those will be available in a couple of weeks. Just keep an eye on my blog for details. Dear Max, Can I be a character in your next book? Buddah Pest Umm…I’ll run that by my editor and get back to you, okay? Got a question for me? You can leave it in the comments here, or drop me a line at  

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Max the Psycho Kitty is 14 pounds of sleek black and white glory. With an attitude ... and opinions ... on everything. He's a put-upon and under-appreciated domestic feline with an addiction to Kitty Crack and an appetite for Stinky Goodness. A pioneer in the Cat Blogosphere, he began his popular blog "The Psychokitty Speaks Out" in October of 2003. Max is the author of SIX blockbuster hit books, "The Psychokitty Speaks Out: Diary of a Mad Housecat,", its sequel "The Psychokitty Speaks Out: Something of Yours Will Meet a Toothy Death,", "The Rules: A Guide For People Owned By Cats," "Bite Me," "There Once Was a Cat from Nantucket" (a book of poetry), and his new smash hit, "The Emperor of San Francisco [The Wick Chronicles]."

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  1. Kitties Blue says:

    Max, that sounds like a darn good book. We’ll be checking it out on Amazon. We know Spitty the Kitty is the King os San Francisco, so we’ll be interested in seeing if you can find out who the emperor is. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  2. Miles Meezer says:

    Deer Max – will there be a book signing anywhere near my house?

    Also, will mine boogerhead brother ever stop wandering around the house screaming his bloody head off about nothing?

  3. Reno says:

    Hay Max, maybe yoo could help xplane sumthing for me. This week, I peed on a freshly opened box that had a bunch of marketing mateeriuls that The Man is sending to potenshul klients. I thot having the delishus oder of cat pee on them wood make THE MAN stand owt with his potenshul klients– after all, hoo can ferget the ferst time they got sumthing in the male soked in cat pee? Well, The Man did not apeer to agree. He gots the mads at me. I’m just trying to be a good intern an help him owt in his bizniss. WHUT DID I DO RONG?

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