Ask Max Monday: Looks Like Everyone Was Busy This Week

Ask Max Monday

There really weren’t enough questions this week (one) and the Woman was all OOOOHHHH LET’S WATCH THE OSCARS INSTEAD OF WORKING last night, so here we are.

I was pretty much like this all evening, staring at the Woman, trying to get her to do anything other than watch people celebrate movies that she didn’t even see.

Judging by Facebook, a lot of y’all were doing the same thing.

On the upside, at least it wasn’t the 5987th viewing of one of the endless things from HGTV she puts on “for noise” all the time. Stuff that she “never watches” yet I hear her yell DON’T BUY THAT HOUSE YOU HOSER! at least three time a week.

And you know what? That’s always the house they buy! If you’re ever not sure what things you want, just ask her which is the right one, and once she tells you, buy the other one Because that’s clearly how it works.

Ok. We’ll be back next week, hopefully with some stuff to answer. And it’ll give me time to ponder the answer to the question I got from the Random Felines about strollers. It requires pondering, because right now the answer is, dood, we’re talking about people. I don’t know!

I’ll know by then.

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  1. Max, The Hubby divorced our cable company, so we only get TV stations from the airwaves now. This is good, because he was spending too much time yelling at sports people! The kitties don’t enjoy that yelling, but he couldn’t seem to control himself. Just a human thang! And the only movie that was nominated this year, that we actually saw was “Get Out!”, which we thought was a great horror movie.

  2. Great to see a photo of you although you do look pretty fed-up.


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