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All right, doods. I had to take this week off in order to step up an be a kitty nurse, a duty which I take seriously.

2017-03-03 14.36.31

The Woman is curled up in bed, spraying cooties all over the place every time she coughs, so I’m either sitting here watching, or I’m on the bed curled up by her head. Sometimes, I even pet her face because it seems to make her happy.

We should be back next week, so go ahead and ask your questions!

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  1. Purrs to The Woman. Do you know if those cooties are contagious? Mom had them and now Tommy is sneezing.

  2. Pete Hartley says:

    Oh Max, please take good care of your mom and give her lots of purrs, head bonks and snuggle. Kitties make the best nurses. You’ll have her back on her feet (waiting on you hand and foot) in no time.
    Purrs to you,
    Pete, the Girls and the Formerly Feral Kitties


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