Ask Max Monday: A Sneak Peek

Ask Max Monday

You’re in luck today, doods. There were no questions, so you get to see this:


The Woman and I have been working hard, and Buddah wants to help, so we’ve given him the task of holding the papers down. It’s an important job, because the people have had the front and the back door open to let fresh air in, and the fresh air likes to bring a breeze with it. The breeze likes to mess around with papers, and we don’t like them to get mixed up.

Now, if a picture of Buddah hard at work isn’t enough, AND WHY ISN’T IT???, you get a sneak peek of the cover for the third book of The Wick Chronicles.


No, that’s not Wick.

Well, who is it? you ask…


You’re gonna have to get the book when it hits the online stores to find out. Trust me, you want to know.

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  1. Sammy Meezer says:

    um Dood, you scairt the crap out of me and I was not near the litter box. Who is going to help clean it up?

    Also, why do I haf to actually GET OFF THE BED at any time during the day?

  2. oooo – a teaser. 🙂 Buddah looks like he is hard at work.

    We got a questions…the other night the mom was watching a show on Animal Planet. The guy on the TV said something she didn’t agree with and she yelled back. Does she really think he can hear her???
    Random Felines

  3. I like all your books but would love another by Max- his words.

  4. Robyn Harton says:

    When is it coming out? I’m dyyyyyyyyyyyying to get it.


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