Ask Max Monday: Super Awesome Week

Ask Max Monday


Know what I’ve been doing all week? I’ll tell you.

No. I’ll SHOW you.

It’s been cold outside, so the Woman has turned the fireplace on for me A LOT this week. She says she thinks I sleep better when I’m in my mancat cave with the warms blowing around, so if I ask even only a little bit nicely, she turns it on.

Now, I liked it better when the Christmas tree was where the frog is, because it made for a good hiding place, but the frog is doing a pretty good job of keeping Buddah from noticing where I am.

Wanna know his name? I’ll tell you.


For realz. That’s what the Woman named him. Now, the little leprechaun hanging on the wall behind him doesn’t have a name, but he gets to be there because the Man’s dad made it for her and she wants it where she can see it. But the frog got a name, and his very own sonic screwdriver AND fez. In my head, I call him Eleven, since the 11th Doctor likes fezzes.

Okay, so I’m gonna go back to my mancat cave and do what I’ve been doing all week, and you guys can think of questions for next week!

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  1. Max, what are your thoughts about Sherlock Holmes? AC Doyle wrote his stories a long time ago, but since then, lots of writers continue to write about Holmes’s unique abilities to help solve crime (if the coppers will let him!) I wonder how many people believe he was a real, live human?

  2. MOL MOL…FrogterWho issome guy, huh?! You have a cozy place to sleep, Max, and with the guard it must feel very safePawkisses for a Happy Tuesday


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