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Ask Max Monday

No questions this week, but that’s all right. Buddah and I have been busy working on something, and we’re not quite done for the day. Yep, you read that right. we’re working together on something. And in spite of how it looks, we’re not just messing up the bed (though we did do that, too.)

A while back we decided to do a book about Buddah, and I would interview him for it. The tide kind of turned, though, and really we’re just having a conversation. Or a few conversations.

Sometimes, though, we can hardly stand to look at each other.

It’s not easy having a butt to butt conversation, but somehow we’re making it work. I’m not sure how long it will take; we’re working it fits and starts or starts and fits, whichever sounds better, I dunno. He’s been super cooperative this weekend–he even let the people clip his claws (after he got stuck on a curtain, and then on the sofa) without drawing blood from either of them. It might have been because the Woman held him and kept telling him he was a good boy and kissed the top of his head a lot, but all I care about is that he hasn’t tried to ride me at all this weekend.

He’s also been watching a lot of TV. I think he wants the Jeep. He’s going to be disappointed.

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  1. Max, butt to butt conversations…ROFLOL!

  2. Erin the Cat says:

    Hi, Max!
    Well this sounds like you are part way to reconciliation . . . and a great new book to boot–or two, the other on how to get along whilst stuck to furnature MOL
    Anyways, beside a tardis, what would be your, and Buddah’s, preferred forms of transport for air, sea and land, assuming the JEEP is not on the cards.

  3. We have lots of butt-to-butt conversations at our house. Pawrents think we’re ignoring each other when we really are engaging in numerous topics on polly-ticks, whirled peas and who wore it better – Summer at Sparkle Cat, or Angel Bengal.


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