Ask Max Monday: Zzzzz

Ask Max Monday

Please settle an argument for me: I say that pooping in the mom’s slippers took a lot of skill. She says it’s just gross.

Who is right?

Well, really, you both are. I mean, getting your asterisk over the opening in the slippers takes some wicked math skills, calculating trajectory and all, and success is just freaking impressive. But it’s also pretty gross, dood. Funny as frak and you should totally do it again, but yeah. It’s gross.

Welllp, that’s it for this week, doods. Pooping in a slipper is gross. It’s also impressive. Probably more impressive than pooping on a pillow. So I’m gonna go follow Buddah’s lead here.

Man, he looks so peaceful, I kinda want to jump on him and yell DINNER TIME! But April Fool was yesterday and he’s got claws…

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  1. Dood – how come my mom is stoopid? I mean, she can’t see me when I’m right in front of her and she calls and calls and calls mine name and then freaks out when I don’t show up. Because I can see her. Why can’t she see me? I mean, I am right in front of her – in the closet, looking out behind the clothes.


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