Aspen with Sisfurs Willow, Mango and Tigger


When we first met today’s interview subjects, they were just joining Cat Scouts and looking for a fun furry niche to call home. Their human didn’t have a PC or a laptop, just a phone. We would like to put our paws together to acknowledge her determination in attaining a goal because Aspen and her Sisfurs Willow, Mango and Tigger have been working their way through the Cat Scout program and have made a lot of Scout friends.

Funny Farmer Felines: Please introduce yourselves and your human.

Aspen: I am Aspen, the oldest cat at age 10. There are 4 of us, all girls! I am most talkative because I am a Siamese with some Snowshoe Mix!

Willow: I am Willow.  I am 6 yrs old. I have solid long, white, floofy furrs! I got my name because my tail droops like the branches of a Weeping Willow Tree!

Mango: Hello, Funny Farmer Felines, especially Rusty! I am Mango, age 4. My nose is the color of a ripe Mango, so my name is for a Mango Tree. Plus, I am a Brown Patch Tabby with Rusty Brown Patches on my back. I have one orange foot too!

Our Moms rescued me when I showed up to her porch as a starving kitten! Today, I have super shiny furrs due to Moms!

Our Moms people name is Brenda. She likes her Author Name of Firebrand Marshdweller best! Moms is so special, because she loved me out of my feral kittenhood!

Tigger: Hi, I am Tigger, age 4. Moms is actually my GrandMoms! She is keeping me until my Dads gets back. My tail is orange & black, like Winnie the Pooh’s Tigger friend. That is my name, even though I am a girl cat! And it’s great to meet you!


Funny Farmer Felines: How did you come to live together?

Aspen: Moms bought me as a kitten from a tiny pet shop in New Hampshire in 2005. I was really small. Moms tells me I was sitting in a Ferret Bed. I haven’t ever actually met any ferrets. It was just a bed used for tiny kittens. Moms and I have been together 10 years now.

Willow: Moms got me from Kittentanz Breeders in Georgia. I am their special Crystal Blue Exotic breed. I am solid white with deep blue eyes.

Mango: I was a lost kitten, super hungry and super thirsty. And, I am now the highest jumping, shiniest cat Moms has seen in a long time. Actually, when I first came, I was something Moms calls “fair all”. She says I puffed up my furrs and tried hissing and howling at Aspen and Willow, and I scared them because they ran and hid. But after awhile, as I got to feel better with great food and lots of water and warmth, I became a super shiny and a super duper fast-hopping, jumping cat.

Tigger: I have been here with Grandmoms for two years. And, that is how Willow and I know each other so well. I tend to play tricks on Mango. I am sorry Mango. Its not very Cat Scout-like of me. I do Love YOU! I just need all the Cats to understand that I do belong here for as long as necessary! I do miss my Dads, but I love GrandMoms a lot!

Funny Farmer Felines: Do any of you have a nickname?

Aspen: Sometimes my nickname is Aspy. Lots of the time, my nickname is “Oh, Aspen” because I like to sneak out the front door between Moms’ legs. I like to eat yard grass. Sometimes, I urps it on the rugses!

Willow: My nickname is Wills.

Mango: I have a pretty nickname; its “MeiMei”

Tigger: My nickname is Tigs.

Funny Farmer Felines: We understand Aspen is a well traveled cat, having moved with your human a few times. Tell us about the place where you currently live.

Aspen: Yes, Funny Farmer Felines, Moms has lived in 6 states. We live in a small town in my third state, Illinois. I like our tiny place. I can walk right out the front door, down our single step and touch yard grass! I love to eat yard grass. And catnip too. Yet, I would say, for me, yard grass is first place!

Moms often walks places or grabs a bus to Petco to get all of us girls treats. Lately, we have all begun to love a spoonful of wet food that has herring! We girls love stinky fishes.

I am happy that Moms does let me out in the yard, even if I have to insist. Then, Moms comes out and watches me. I am really fun to watch, too.

Funny Farmer Felines: What kind of mischief do you all like to make?

Aspen: My worst case scenario , like I said, is, I run out the front door between Moms’ legs to get to my #1 favorite yard grass. It’s best in spring & summer when it’s actually green! Now, I defer to our Star Jokester, Tigger!

Tigger: Well, okay, Dads, he liked ham and he hand fed me ham. So I jump into the refrigerator, searching always, for ham. Moms never buys it, but, maybe, just maybe, ham might appear again. So when she has that refrigerator door open to put things inside, I jump in, supervising.

And I tend to like to run after Mango, but its not because I want to harm her, I am just drawn to running jumpy things, like that mousie I put the bitey and tasty on.

Mango: Once, I followed Tigger when she jumped into the refrigerator. I wanted to see what all that Tigger fun was about.

Tigger: Moms accused me of teaching you to jump into the refrigerator.

Mango: Well, you did teach me. I just watched you do it and I followed.

Tigger: But, Moms accused me of actually “teaching” you to jump into the refrigerator. I didn’t set up any “How to Jumpy into the Refrigerator Teaching Sessions”, did I?

Mango: I like to groom my furrs so they shine. I am small so it’s easy to jump so fast it looks like I am hopping. I do love jumping! Moms calls me “Miss Jump Jump”.

Willow: Tigger tries to draw me into her plans of catching Mango, or blocking Mango. Then, Tigger gets in trouble for teaching me to help block Mango. Plus, I guess, its fun to see which high jumpy move Mango will try next.

Mango: You two are each double and triple my size. I gets afraid. You could hurt me!

Willow: Thanks a lot furr calling me fat!

Funny Farmer Felines: You have all joined the Cat Scouts. What do each of you like best about the C.S.?

Aspen: I am Siameezy. I like talking to my Cat Scout Friends! And I am oldest Sisfurr, so usually I try stuff first. However, each of us is learning and branching out. Usually, Tigger & Willow hang out. Now, Willow and Mango are in the same patrol, Powerful Paws.

Willow: I like being celebrated furr my white furrs and my large paws. If you put a bow on my left ear, I would look like Moms’ “Hello Kitty” stuffy, so I asked Denmaster to create an all girl cat social group called “Hello Kitty Girlz.” We will have sleepovers, wear our jammies, paint each others claws and put bows by our left ear.

Mango: I love my new Cat Scout furriends. On our last picnic, Willow caught a bluegill with her bare claws – right at our picnic fishing hole. She is talented. Willow ate her fishy the raw way.

And, me, Mango, I am going to be the first Flat Cat in our Family. Moms is working on it. It has to dry because my flat photo had to be glued to foam board. Soon my larger flat will be cut out and ready to mail to visit my Cat Scout furriends all over. I just met another girl Cat Scout from England. Moms might need to make me a smaller Flat Cat so she can be mailed to England.

Tigger: I told the best scary story around the campfire. And just like my great friend Sammy says, “Never a dull moment in Cat Scouts.” Yes, it’s true, there is always a new event, or a new Badge for learning a new skill, or a new Scout to welcome. And each month there are Birthday / Gotcha Days to celebrate. I love having 50 to 100 new friends, all there to help me be a growing upward Cat Scout. We really enjoy it!

Funny Farmer Felines: If we were to ask your mom what she loves best about each of you, what do you think she would say?

Aspen: Moms loves me because we still sleep under the covers together like we did on long, cold, snowy winter nights in New Hampshire when I was a kitten.

But Moms named me Aspen because my colorings look like a Native American looked at a Colorado Quaking Aspen Bark and began to paint my coloring with white here, black there, beige here, dark brown there, and eyes like a pale blue sky.

Willow: Moms got me to be a best friend to a very strong-willed young female cat; however, she got cancer and passed over the Rainbow Bridge. During my first year, I could sit at Moms’ side, but not on her, as Maple didn’t allow it. So I have been very big, but very shy. Cat scouts is helping me grow and make many new friends. I am growing & changing. Moms likes that.

Mango: Moms always feeds me first because I am smallest. She lets me eat on the kitchen table so I don’t get steamrolled by my larger Sisfurs.  Through Cat Scouts we are learning to love each other, instead of merely tolerating each other. Like, I now know, Tigger has just always wanted to really belong here, and she does, even if her Meow sounds like a “squeak”.

Tigger: Mango is right, I do want to belong. And, in Cat Scouts, I really do. I don’t have to tease Mango so much anymore because I am too busy trying to think up a Good Purr to do everyday, even if I have to sits at Moms’ feet and groom Moms’ feets. Many days, my good purr is to avoid being a Jokester. I hid myself behind my Tigger name, being bouncy and boisterous when I really wanted to just belong. Now, I really know I do.

Funny Farmer Felines: Congratulations, girls, today you are achieving your Interviewee Merit Badge. If any Cat Scouts have not met Aspen and her Sisfurs Willow, Mango and Tigger, stop by to visit them around the campfire.

Aspen/Cat Scouts.

Willow/Cat Scouts

Mango/Cat Scouts

Tigger/Cat Scouts

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  1. Brian Frum says:

    Dang, they really are a fun bunch and will sure have fun in the Scouts!

  2. da tabbies o trout towne says:

    grate interviews two day FFF….~~~~~~~ waves two aspen, willow, mango & tigger….nice two meet ewe…we R knot in catscouts; sew it was nice ta heer yur storeez two day ~~~~spesh a lee de part with HAM involved !! hope everee one haza grate caturday & sunday ….heerz two a central mudminnow kinda week oh end ~ ♥♥♥

  3. We fink yous girlys awe just bootyful and pawsum. Cat scouts is lots of fun. And yous’ll learn so much. But yous’ll also have lots of fun. And we all just wanna belong. So weez sure glad yous finally feel like yous a pawrt of da furmily Tigger. Hope y’all have a gweat weekend.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

  4. Great interview Funny Farmer Felines…..

    It is so great getting to know more about my fellow Scouts. I especially like those little known facts about my Scout furrends. Please continue to interview more Scouts.

    Scout Charles

  5. Ellen Pilch says:

    Always nice to learn more about our Cat Scout friends. Great interview.

  6. Summer says:

    I wish I could be a Cat Scout! But my human says I am way too busy.

  7. Sweet kitties and we love their names!

  8. Nice to read about Aspen, Tigger, Mango and Willow!
    Me I’m the worst catscout ever, since I hardly ever have time to participate on anything 🙁

  9. Obi says:

    Always great to learn more about fellow scouts! *salutes*


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