At the Movies with Homereno: The Cats’ Meows!

June 24, 2017 |

RENO: We have not bin revyooing mooveys for a wile for good reezins.

HOMER: Number one, we keep gettin in trubble. Peeple don’t appreesheeate it win we make a winter wunderland owt of toillit paper.

RENO: I still don’t unnerstand why thy don’t appreesheeate a little Currier and Ives diorama. It takes SKILLZ to unroll that much tee pee without gitting cawt.

HOMER: Number two, the man keeps binjing on deepressing showz on the teevee. He watched all of Man hoo got hi in the tower and The Ixpanse. Took him a long time to git thru all thoze showz.

RENO: I don’t like distopiun werld of tomorrow shoze.

HOMER: Or distopiun werld of yesterday shoze.

RENO: As fer Numbers three thru ten …. see Number 1.

HOMER: But we finely got to watch sumthing WE liked, and it wuz a big winner!

RENO: YES! Turn up the volyoom hi on this one!

It’s called “Funny Cats and Kittens Meowing Compilation,” and the name kinda sez it all.

I keeped running around the back of the teevee lookin for the kittehs!

Sum of them wuz speekin diffrint languajes!

And they are STILL trapped inside the teevee! Shood we call 911?

Meow Fu! Kitten Fu! Yowl Fu!

RATING: 8 Paws Up–WAY up!

Homereno sez, “Chek it owt!”

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Homer and Reno are littermates. Homer is a black kitten who attended the adoption fair every week for 4 months without getting adopted. When his new 'rents found out that Reno's brother was still looking for a furever home, they said, "Heck yeah! What's one more cat?" Homer and Reno are a strongly bonded demonic duo. And film aficionados in the great tradition of Gene Siskel, Roger Ebert, and Joe Bob Briggs.

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  1. Awww…that was a heartwarming video, Homer and Reno. We can listen for hours to the sound of…music 😀 No 911 needed on this one for sure, maybe a little chat back will work 😀 Pawkisses for a Happy meowing Sunday 🙂 <3

  2. Katie Isabella says:

    I LOVE you two!!!

  3. Pawsome movie, fellas! We loved all the languages and different octave ranges! But mostly we just loved the cute kitties> Thanks for sharing it!
    Maggie and Felix


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