Athena the Creative Cat

Many of you know today’s interviewee. She is a popular blogger and has her own Caturday Art blog hop. Yes, you guessed correctly – Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty.

Funny Farmer Felines:  Please introduce yourself and your mom.

Athena: Hi! Thanks for inviting me for an interview. I’m Athena from England and I am a rescue cat. Mum adopted me as a 10-week-old kitten in 2011 from Wood Green the Animals Charity in London. I was found abandoned in someone’s garden so I didn’t have a great start to life. I was a very scared and nervous kitten.

Funny Farmer Felines:  How did you come to live together?

Athena: I was at the shelter waiting for a new forever home. When Mum came in looking to adopt a kitty, I knew she was the one for me and I made sure she noticed me. I jumped up and down and tried to climb the mesh, meowing at her. She stuck her finger out and I sniffed it. This was my new mummy, the one I’d been waiting for and I really wanted to go home with her. I now know how lucky I was to find my forever human so young. Other cats stay at the shelter a long time. Some find themselves still there even when they’re older. It’s so sad.

Funny Farmer Felines:  Tell us a little about the area where you live.

Athena: I live in Granny’s house with my mum, Marie. It’s quite a big house and there’s plenty of room to play in. It’s in a North London suburb but it’s very busy and noisy and after living in the same area for most of their lives, Mum and Gran want to move to a nicer, greener, quieter place. Somewhere more rural. I’m not looking forward to the stress of moving, but I think I will like it once we find the right property. Mum has promised to build me a catio in the garden so I really can’t wait.

Funny Farmer Felines:  Do you have any nicknames?

Athena: Mum and Granny sometimes call me Athenou, which means little Athena in Greek. Granny is from Greek Cyprus and Mum was born here in England like me but talks Greek with Gran sometimes. Does that make me Greek too? I suppose so. I am named after the Greek goddess of wisdom, after all. Mum also calls me Sweetie, Little One and Baby.

Funny Farmer Felines:  What kind of mischief do you like to get into?

Athena: I like to play tricks on Mum.  I pretend to cry so she can come and give me some attention. I don’t like her ignoring me. I also pretend to want to go to bed at night so I cry to make her pick me up and carry me upstairs. Once I’m up there and she’s settled in bed, I leap off the bed and start to muck about in the room, annoying her a little. I also pretend that I’ve seen a bug to get her up too. Sometimes I really do see a bug and I can’t sleep until I’ve caught it.

Funny Farmer Felines: What made you open a blog?

Athena:  I made Mum start a blog for me back in 2012. She should have started it as soon as she got me really, but she was busy writing her books at the time and getting them published.

Funny Farmer Felines: Do you participate in any blogging events?

Athena: I participate in many blog hops and have my own hop too. The blog hops we participate in are – The Cat on my Head’s Sunday Selfies, Blog Paws’ Wordless Wednesday, and mine is called Caturday Art. Sometimes we participate in Black and White Sunday too, which is hosted by Angel Sugar and Dachshund Nola.

Funny Farmer Felines:  Are you on any social media you would like to share with readers?

Athena: Yes, both Mum and I are very active on social media.
Twitter: Athena Wise Kitty.
Instagram: AthenaWiseKitty .
Facebook: pof dating site login.

And my mum has an Amazon Author page, if you would like to read any of her books, including my story.

Funny Farmer Felines:   What is your greatest love and your biggest fear?

Athena: My biggest love is snuggling up with Mum in bed at night and of course eating the lovely food and treats she buys for me. My biggest fear is being left alone in the house.

Funny Farmer Felines:  Does your human foster any furbabies, work or volunteer for a shelter, make pet-related products, or ….????

Athena: Through our blog, we help raise awareness for animal charities and animal rights issues. Mum is also creative and loves photography so she combines this love with creating products for our Zazzle store. She also writes books about cats and my own rescue story, A Forever Home for Athena, was published to raise funds for three of our favourite animal charities. All proceeds from the book will be donated.

Funny Farmer Felines:  How would you describe yourself?

Athena: I can be very extrovert. But I can also be quite introverted and like to be alone. Mum is more of an introvert than me though. I do like to snoop and I can be funny as well as wise. I am a cat with many sides to my personality.

Funny Farmer Felines:  If we were to ask your human mom what she loves best about you, what do you think she would say?

Athena: She would say she loves everything about me, but mostly my beautiful face, eyes, shiny smooth velvety fur, and my affectionate nature. I am very loving and help Mum when she feels stressed.

Funny Farmer Felines: Is there anything we missed that would pertain to you?

Athena: That I’m a healing cat with very loud purrs.

Funny Farmer Felines: Check out Athena on her blog Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty or on any of the aforementioned social media sites. And if you are a pet blogger, be a little creative with your photo and join her Caturday Art blog hop.

17 thoughts on “Athena the Creative Cat

  1. You are very beautiful Athena! I enjoyed your interview. Nice to meet you. I am between kitties right now but am heading to our local shelters this weekend hoping that one or two kitties will pick me.

  2. We love Athena and Marie. They are such a great team together. So nice to learn more about them. We are faithful followers of their Caturday Art blog hop and we love all what they do for the kitties in need. It’s nice to know where the name comes from too, she really is a cat goddess 🙂 Pawkisses for a wonderful day 🙂 <3

  3. ~~~~~ waves two ewe Athena from all oh uz heer in de land oh fish….trout towne; we N joyed yur interveew two day N will stop bye yur blog heer, soon az we hit post commint…..high paws two ewe N mum for helpin raiz awareness bout charities N animal ritez ♥♥♥♥♥

    a happee week oh end two all ~~~~~~~~~~~ ☺☺

  4. I love learning about you Athena. I have wondered about your life and thank you for sharing with us. xxx

  5. Excellent interview. I love Athena and her Mum so it is nice to learn more about them. I have read all her books too and highly recommend them.

  6. Oh, I am so happy to find out more about you because you leave such nice comments on my blog and I love your eyes, too, and your fur, and your cattitude toward life. What a great mama you have, an author in her own right! Wonderful interview from the Funny Farmers.

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