10 Fab Feline Fashions for the Pawlidays at up to 60% off

OK, they’re teknikly dawg swetters, but they werk on cats, too. Baxter Boo is having a pre-holiday clearinse sale on a jillion things, inklooding theeze kyoot krissmiss swetters and jakkits:

Red and green “Joy” tee is only $9; was $22.50*.


This red moose swetter was $52.50, now $20.  It’s got snowflakes and mooses on it and a klassy dimund pattern that’s called “jakerd.”

santa claws cat costume for the holidaysOMC is this ever kyoot! It’s a pawliday santa claws dress that has kristil applikays and and a bow and it comes with a matching hat. Was $75, now $45.

This Nordic-inspired Raindeer Swetter is comfy and kozy and comes in klassic winter colors. Was $36; now $24.
This terdle nek swetter goze good on meezers with bloo eyes. Was $36; now $22.

It also comes in pink:




Here’s anuther pink swetter. This one has a snowflake on it. It was $31, now $19.

You can aksesserize it with this kyoot pink skarf that has pompoms on it. Was $16, now $10.



This pritty bloo terdle nek swetter has Frosty the Snowman on it. Was $27, now $16.



I think this qwilted satin jakkit with klassy furry trim wood be good to go ice skating in. If we had ice heer. And if they made ice skates fur cats. Was $28, now $17. It also has a version that comes in wite with hot pink trim if yoo wunt to be a little vampy:


* Price based on “small” size at time this post was published. There is no guarantee that the price will remain the same or the item will be available when you order. Some prices may be rounded.

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  1. Handsome Hal says:

    I mite even cunsider waring clothes if I could ware sum of theeze….

  2. Shadow Dance Ranch Kittehs says:

    Too kyoot! Did you get one, Skeezix?

  3. Poco says:

    Mom got me the jakerd sweater and it arrived today, just in time for after my Saturday bath! I love it so much, thanks for putting it here.


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