Blue Moon Mancat Mancave


mancat mancave

Honey it’s cold outside!

Man, I don’t think the snow will ever go away. Wich is fine cuz it meens I git to cuddle up with my fave gerlcats.

And if I was in a cuddlin’ mood, this wood be my dream mancat mancave. It’s got privacy kertins in a mancatly shade of blue. They can be open or closed, whutever you like (If this mancave is rockin, don’t bother nokkin!).

If yer on da rode a lot, the frame comes apart fur eezy storidge.

The best part of all? It’s only $55.

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Fred lives in Illinois with his sister, Ethel, and unfortunately, with a yappy dog named Caesar. Fred doesn't have a blog, but if he did, he'd write about his obsession: Mancat Mancaves. He's Mousebreath's Mancat Mancave expurrt.

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  1. Orvis says:

    My wedding anniversary is coming up. This would be a purrfect gift for my wife, Xena.


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