Bruno Strikes a Pose to Score His Ticket to a Furever Home

Bruno is a chatty, chunky 25-lb Russian Blue who likes to stand on his back feet like a blubbery Buddha. And he doesn’t just come with a couple of extra pounds–he’s got extra toes as well.

Bruno is one of the adoptable pets at Wright Way Rescue in Morton Grove, Il. Here are some of his quirks:

He prefers to be petted while eating. If you forget, he’ll cast an evil eye your way while grudgingly choking down a few bites. He loves to drink water, but will NOT drink the water if it’s placed in the same room as his food.

He likes to be petted on the top of his head, sides of his face, his neck and his spine, but DO NOT TOUCH or attempt to snorgle his prodigious belleh.

And good luck with getting him to shed a few pounds.

There weren’t many takers when Bruno first arrived at the shelter. But a social media post featuring his funny upright stance has resulted in applications pouring in from around the world. If you want to join the scrum, fill out an application here.

For the record, Tripper claims ownership of the prairie dog pose, but says Bruno can work it if it means he’ll get a furever home.

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  1. Erin the Cat says:

    Awww! He is so cute and not just for the pose. I does hope he find that forever home asap, and a diet food that quells his anger pangs. I wonder if a few more mouse hunting trips he may hep him lose a few pounds too?
    Toodle pips and purrs for such a great story.

  2. Yep, Tripper has the pose nailed! So nice of him to share it with a cat in need of a home.

  3. Katie Isabella says:

    Oh they are so adorable! You have to wonder at the pose and what a\started it. XX to them both.


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