Came for the Hooligan, Stayed for the Devilishly Cute Cats!

What are the odds…. a cat hooligan appearing in a targeted ad as I am sashaying my way across the interwebs? Well, of COURSE I had to investigate!

The Hooligan Pin is handmade of a zinc alloy and hard enamel, then hand polished.
Each pin is stamped with a artist’s logo (Daria’s personal trademark) and unique serial number of latest edition.

The problem is my little hooligan cat is orange, and the angel cat (Homer) is the black one. Homer is a GOOD. CAT. He would never flip me off.

But I couldn’t resist peeking at her ceiling/basement cat collection:

But then I got distracted by her lovely cat scarves!

Cats on Vacation!


The Cat Breed Quiz Scarf!

My fave was the least catty of all, a favorite things scarf with contained many of my own faves: VW bug, high tops, a pink vespa, vintage 2-wheeler with baquette basket,  seashells by the seashore, and a cute sleeping mask which, by the way is worn by my hubby, not me.

Much to love, to covet, to wish for…. some days, I think, a cute cat scarf could make EVERYTHING better.

Just not today.

A pin is €12.00 EUR. (abt $13.50 US). Scarves are €37.00 EUR (abt $41.50 US). All available at Catsu, an Estonian artist’s shop.



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  1. Some really cute stuff!


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