Is There a Cardwood Derby Trophy in Your Future?

Cats across the globe are madly ordering cardwood boxes from Amazon in an attempt to build the winning vehicle in this year’s Cat Scouts Cardwood Derby.

Competition is friendly, but fierce. At stake is a purrsonalized trophy, the envy of your peers, and eternal fame.

Rules are simple. You must design and build a vehicle (any kind of transportation vehicle — no limitations!) whose base is made of a cardboard box (or boxes). Then, you must enter your vehicle and pose for a photo. (This last requirement usually keeps a┬ácouple of scaredy cats out of the contention for the gold!)

Judging is based on a combination of pawpular vote, and the final selection by a celebrity judge. Last year’s celebrity judge was Animal Planet’s Andrea Arden, who was blown away by the quality of the entries. Here are just a few of the entries from previous derbies:


Scout Obi



Scout Obi (inspecting last year’s Grand Prize Winner)


inky-cardwood-derbyScout Inky



Scout Anya



Scout Maggie and Scout Felix



Scout Troublus Maximus



Scout Fleetwood



Scout Wally



Scout Pete’s Hippie Love Van

Scout Sammy Pilch’s Tardis



Scout Ali



Scout Andy McIntyre



Scout Mau (in the CSU Security Vehicle)



Scout Raz’s Food Truck



Scout Tubby


shokoScout Shoko



Scout Timmy Tomcat and Scout Einstein



Scout Gracie and her beautiful balloon



The HKLs



Timmy and Einstein



Scout Wren



Scout Inky


obi-trophyScout Obi polishes his Cardwood Derby trophy every day, and it purrvides him with the motivation to build an even more extraordinary ride this year. Will he be able to repeat?


The grand prize winner gets a purrsonalized trophy. Runners-up get purrsonalized medals. All competitors are eligible to enter to win fabulous prizes (winners chosen at random during the competition) from the Cat Scouts Superstore.

Every scout who enters gets 1000 karma points and a merit badge.


You must be a Cat Scout to enter. Membership in Cat Scouts is free. If you’re not already a Scout (and you are not a hooligan), you can register here. Starting on April 1st, you’ll be able to post your photo on the Cat Scouts site in the Cardwood Derby 2016 Group.

Good Luck!

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  1. Carole Schulman says:

    I totally LOVE this! Everyone looks adorable.

  2. Maggie and Felix have their box, but their engineer has been AWOL recently. They are planning to attend!!

  3. Hermes Hauck says:

    Hermes and Chip here! We are excited!! We have been working closely with our very own automotive engineer to make our car the best!! The parts are just about all ready to be assembled into the final pawsome race car!!

    We are Those Magnificent Young Hauckcats in Their Blue Racing Machine!!

  4. Andy says:

    Dad and I are working on my car. My pit crew are supervising.


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