Cat Blogosphere Mourns Sammy Kimmel

sammy-kimmel-01With profound sadness, Cat Scouts around the world today bid farewell to one of their finest Sabertooth Scouts, Scout Sammy Kimmel, who departed for The Bridge.

Scout Sammy had climbed to the pinnacle of Cat Scouts success. Head of the Worldwide Wildcats, he achieved the Sabertooth rank, was a member of the Order of the Arrowhead, and sat on the board of the Cat Scouts High Council. He generously shared his knowledge and experience with younger scouts, and was Chancellor of Cat Scouts University. He was Cat Scout of the Year.

Many scouts met Sammy through his blog, One Spoiled Cat, eagerly playing each Tuesday Teaser and reading his take on the world. New scouts were welcomed by Scout Sammy soon after they joined. He helped point young hooligans back down a straight and narrow path. Most every scout traveled with Sammy as he led tours around the globe via Sammy’s Travel Service. S00-angel-2carcely a day went by that Sammy didn’t stop by the campfire, arms full of scrumptious treats to share. He held a particular affinity for bacon, and was a mentor and friend to all.

Sammy was loved and respected by all fellow Scouts, and his contributions were best summed up by Scout Gracie, when she recently nominated him for the Super Special Peer Award:

  1. Not only is he a dear friend to me but a friend to all scouts.
  2. Sammy is always aware of problems going on at scouts and tries to head things off at the pass.
  3. He is very good at mentoring the new scouts when they come in and extends invitations for events and which patrols they could join. He helps guide them through the site if they are having problems.
  4. Every day he is at scouts bright and early serving up breakfast in his den and at the campfire. There isn’t a day I don’t think when he has not been at scouts. Even with the Hooligans at large.
  5. He is active in every event held (unless his mom and dad are unable to be around to help him) But when this happens he sends photos of the events and Raz and I will get him there. When he can he comes back and leave comments about the goings on of the event.
  6. When we get down as a scout, which sometimes happens, he is the first one there giving us the pep talk that we need from time to time.

Sammy’s passing leaves a great void at Scouts and he will be sorely missed.


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  1. Sue Brandes says:

    Sammy will greatly be missed. We loved Sammy and he was a dear friend.

  2. Andrea Kenner says:

    Sending purrs in remembrance of sweet Sammy. Fly free, Sammy!

  3. Sammy was a wonderful cat, a fabulous Cat Scout and a friend and mentor to many. We mourn his passing, but celebrate his life and accomplishments! He brightened so many lives.

  4. He is obviously leaving a great void behind in the Cat Scouts as around the blogosphere. He was a great cat.

  5. We am furry sads and will miss Sammy furry much.


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