Wanna Be a Taco Cat Fashionista?

Cats and Tacos. Does it get any better than that?

Would you believe…a taco cat summer dress to celebrate a little covid freedom?

Bored of attending pants-free zoom meetings and scraping the bottom of the Netflix barrel trying to find something we haven’t already binged, we went looking for cat stuff. A recent pop in temps coupled by our first red flag warning of the year can only mean that summer’s just around the corner. Here are a few items you may need to add to your cat lady closet:

Amazon: $15-$20



Cat Fashionista: $45



Amazon: $26



Cat Fashionista: $90



Amazon: $21-$27



Cat Fashionista: $15



TTT Studios: $49 (choice of green or blue pastel hues.



Amazon:$25 (many colors/patterns available)



…and hey, a taco cat dress is guaranteed to spice up your next zoom meeting!

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  1. messymimi says:

    Beautiful, Makes me wish i was the right size and shape to wear such lovely garments!


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