Cat Food That’s Chock Full of Meat and No Wheat


When a pet food company launches new lines of cat food and dog food, what goes on behind the scenes?

“What Do Cat Owners Want in a Cat Food?”

Recently, Hill’s Nutrition launched its Ideal Balance line of natural pet food. One of the first steps in the development cycle was to find out what cat owners wanted–and didn’t want–in their cat food. It’s no surprise to learn that cats and cat owners want meat, but perhaps more importantly, they don’t want corn, soy, wheat, artificial flavors or preservatives in their cat food.

Make it Nutritious AND Nom-ilicious

So Hill’s started with these consumer preferences, and put their nutritionists to work developing cat food precisely balanced for nutrition, yet nom-ilicious as well.

Hill’s Ideal Balance has meat as its first ingredient, and as cat owners requested, you won’t find corn, wheat, soy, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives on the ingredient label. What you will find are healthy additives like apples, cranberries, and brown rice.

hills nutrition ideal balance cat food

Cats Can Try it for Free

OK, I know what you’re thinking: Anything that healthy cannot pawsibly be something my finicky cat would be interested in eating.

That’s what I thought, too. It’s like me trying to decide between Cheetos and kale.

hills-ideal-balance-quoteLet’s face it, no matter how healthy a cat food is, if your cat won’t eat it, all the nutrition in the world won’t do your cat any good.

I can’t promise you your cat will eat Ideal Balance, but I can tell you that Buckaroo, Tripper and Mao couldn’t wolf it down fast enough. One would expect Trip to wolf it down, but Mao is ailing and hasn’t had much of an appetite lately. He nearly inhaled Ideal Balance. I was sold.

But don’t take my–or Mao’s– word for it. Hill’s is offering an Ideal Balance rebate offer so you can try it free.

Get the Word Out

Once the food was developed and Hill’s was convinced cats love it and thrive on it, the next step was to get the word out, which they did with some lush commercials and innovative packaging that reflect the high quality of the cat food and the innovation that went in to formulating it.

The commercials blend real, natural elements like grass and gravel with stylized landscape animations. Combined, the two layers work seamlessly with live-action footage of pets, injecting the cat into the Ideal Balance world that showcases the food’s true potential.

In this “Making of…” video, you can see the magic that goes on behind the scenes of a cat food TV commercial:

Make it Easy to Purchase

Like other Hill’s products, you can find Hill’s Ideal Balance Cat Food at your local veterinary clinic–but conveniently, you can also buy it online or at a pet store near you.

THE FINE PRINT: Author has been compensated for completion of this article. Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Inc. is not responsible for the content of this article.

8 thoughts on “Cat Food That’s Chock Full of Meat and No Wheat

  1. Nom, nom! We have been eating this for quite a while now. Momma saw it when it first came out and started buying it. Some of us love it, others of us, won’t touch it. I (Magic Man) really like it and if I am a good boy and stay out of the other foods, which I sometimes do, it really helps my IBD. Thanks for the information on the rebate offer. Every little bit helps. Oh and please don’t mail Buckaroo away. We would be so sad and miss him very much! xoxoxo Magic Man and the SDR Clan

  2. Thanks for the behind the scenes look at the making of the commercial, and I just bought a bag of Ideal Balance for Mama Katz, the feral I feed, cuz I can’t even feed her something that has corn as the first ingredient…it just goes against my ‘grain’ hahameow!

  3. I wood like to try this. Tenny very much wants to try the canned food. We switched from Fancy Feests to Wellness and I’m the only one who likes it. Thank you for letting us know. (Oh, and Buckaroo is adorable and I’m in love.)

  4. We love this stuff. We have been using it for a while. Noticed from changing food that the little yellow stain on the chin is now gone from changing to this food. Wish they had more coupons though.

    1. Pixel and Samba: We’re going to be doing two giveaways of this food, so stay tuned in upcoming weeks!

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