Cat-Inspired Exhibit at Worcester Art Museum

Théophile Alexandre Steinlen’s “The Cat in Winter.” at worcester cat art show

Théophile Alexandre Steinlen’s “The Cat in Winter.”

There’s something for every cat lover in Worcester MA this summer. “Meow: A Cat-Inspired Exhibition” in running at the Worcester Art Museum through Sept. 4. Adam Rozan, director of audience engagement, and museum director Matthias Waschek said that the exhibit is part of a push to reengage the community with the museum.

So far, it’s been a roaring success. General admission visitation since “Meow” opened last month has been up 48 percent over the same period last year. A thousand people attended the opening party.

“American cities are struggling with public spaces,” Waschek told the Boston Globe. “In the museum, art is the vehicle of the goal of that public space, and the destiny of it. In previous generations, art was collected for art’s sake, but now we see the art as a means through which to create community.”

“Meow” is the largest project in the museum’s history. It is a nine-part exhibition–like “nine lives” winks Rozan–that includes community events, Cat Craft Classes, the Cat Walk–a self-guided tour leading viewers to 17 cat-related works on four floors, a Cats-in-Residence program, and an exhibit titled “The Captivating Cat: Felines and the Artist’s Gaze,” featuring works from the museum collection. And of course, an obligatory Cat Cam.

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  1. Ellen Pilch says:

    This is an hour from my house. I am going next Saturday for my birthday.

  2. MarilynH says:

    That would be “teeming”, because they are individually terrifying!


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