Cat Missing 14 Yrs. Reunited with Owner

This might convince you to chip your cat if you haven’t already.

T2 (short for Thomas Jr.) went missing 14 years ago just after Hurricane Jeanne. His owner, Perry Martin, moved in with a friend right after the storm and a few days later, T2 escaped. Despite extensive efforts to locate him, Martin was unsuccessful.

Martin had been a canine officer at the Fort Pierce, (Florida) Police Department and always made sure his animals — working and personal — had microchips. When T2 went missing, he assumed that someone would find the cat and the chip would result in a happy ending. What he didn’t realize was that he would have to wait 14 years for that happy ending.

“When I got the call and someone said, ‘What if we told you T2 was alive?’ I figured it was a mistake,” Martin said. “It was too crazy to believe.”

That phone call was from Martin’s veterinarian, who, in 2002, had implanted T2 with a microchip.

A Martin County Animal Services officer found the orange tabby as a stray and took him to the nonprofit shelter in Palm City. A simple scan quickly identified the microchip’s unique ID, giving the shelter all the information it needed to find the cat’s owner. Despite moving several times (including out-of-state) in the interim, he religiously kept his contact info up to date with the microchip company.

Now 18 years old, T2 is in pretty frail condition. He was skin and bones when he was found, and not in very good shape.  But he’s settled into Martin’s household and become friends with his Golden Retriever, Sassy.

 Martin knows they don’t have a lot of time left to be together. “I will make sure he’s comfortable for the rest of his time here,” he said. “He’s still skin-and-bones and he’s 18 years old, but he’s still T2.”

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