Cat Pee House Goes on the Market


You know the cat pee smell has to be pretty bad when the realtor leads with that in the listing.

The property in Pacifica, CA, developed in 1990, was previously owned by a famous cat photographer, who in his later years had difficulty maintaining the home and attending to feline hygiene. He was an award-winning photojournalist for the Baltimore Sun in the 1950s. Later, he specialized in cat photography, with his photos appearing on posters, calendars and greeting cards. He was the original owner of the property.

“He had 10 or 12 cats. In his older years, he wasn’t letting them out to do you know what,” said real estate agent Jim Laufenberg of Coldwell Banker. “I want to be honest. We want people to know what they’re buying.”


The 3-bed 3-bath home overlooks the Pacific Ocean. “The house is oriented so the living, dining room and kitchen are aimed at Pedro Point,” Laufenberg said. “These rooms are all part of an open floor plan and have huge windows looking right out at the ocean. It’s absolutely gorgeous.”

Gorgeous in a whiffy kind of way.

It’s on the market for $749,000. Comps include a dated 3-bed 3-bath view property across town for $888,000 and a larger brand new home a few minutes away for $2.1 million.

“It definitely needs to be remodeled,” he said. “The man was elderly and he didn’t have a lot of cash. The deck needs to be replaced. There’s a $93,000 pest report.”

A $93,000 PEST REPORT?????


If you’re a fan of knotty-pine wood paneling, this just may be your dream home.

But before you talk yourself past the stench and the pests and actually consider buying this pee-soaked ocean-view house, note that the listing photos show a spectacular view of… fog. It’s Pacifica, home of the Fogfest. I lived for a time just over the hill from this house, and the fog isn’t just foggy, it’s brutally cold, wet, and windswept in the middle of August. So before you plan summer evenings entertaining on the expansive deck, invest in a platoon of heaters.

Click here to see the listing.


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  1. Connie says:

    pretty sure I wouldn’t turn down that house if someone tried to gift it to me

  2. Lee in Phoenix says:

    I love the looks of the house. The $93,000 pest report hopefully includes most of the repairs on the deck which was probably attacked by insects. The thought of spending summers in the cold, damp fog would be a bigger deterrent to me than the cat pee smell!

  3. Thanks, but we’ll pass.

  4. Andrea Kenner says:

    It’s a pretty house (or at least the design is pretty), but my guess is that someone will buy the property (eventually) and tear down the house.

    • Mousebreath says:

      It has a lot in common with the design of our house and it looks like it has good bones. Some of the detail on the hardwood floors is lovely — although they no doubt need to be ripped out and replaced. Given the state of the house, it will most likely be demo-ed, which is really unfortunate. Of course, if it sits on the market long enough, someone might be able to make a lowball offer and pour money in a full reno, but wow, what a project.

      Ultimately, the weather would do me in. There’s a reason I live inland.

  5. cold damp fog no thanks, and the cat pee smell would drive Daddy nuts. Love the view though, but we think it is better enjoyed from the computer screen.


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