The Catio Project is Complete and Cats LOVE It!

We finished work on the catio this week by installing a mezzanine shelf around the perimeter of the west and north sides:

We painted it black and put a carpeted mat on the top (rubberized on the bottom, carpet on top, designed for outdoor use). It was affixed to the enclosure using zip ties and a pair of wire ties The mat is anchored with zip ties.

The height puts them level with the bird feeders:

On the north side they have a view of the hiking trail below, and miles of wooded open space.

The mezzanine is also a great perch for ambushing a brother!

We also added a shelf to the tree.

Reno loves being able to climb the tree; he’s up and down it all day long:

The enclosure holds a litter box, scratching post, fuzzy blankie, and the small v.1 portable catio we had which holds a number of cat beds and provides shade.

They like to balance like circus elephants on the scratching post — here Homer is checking out installation of the new sign:


We also had to build (and when I say “we” I mean hubby) a deck for it to rest on, which extended partly over a hillside bank, so there was some engineering involved. There is a lip built around the enclosure, both to keep it in place and to keep skunks and birds out (There’s a 2-inch gap at the bottom of the kennel which skunks had no problem squeezing through.)

Degree of difficulty: The enclosure itself was very easy. Assembling the panels only required tightening wing nuts on panel connectors. Quite a bit of thought went into enclosing the top around the tree branches, but the actual execution of that was easy.

Construction of the deck was a complex project that took longer than we thought it would, mostly because it was built on a hill.

It turned out better then expected and Homer and Reno are thrilled with it. We transport them from the house to the catio in their stroller. A future project might be a connecting tunnel to allow them to come and go freely from the house, but it would need to traverse a couple of decks, some steps, and go around the pool, so that plan may not come to fruition (hmmmm…. how ’bout a trans-pool lucite tube?)

A catio is a pawsome way to allow your cats to enjoy the outdoors safely. I highly recommend building one for your kittehs!


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  1. OMC!!!! adt is pawsum. me wuntz wun, cept we haz no bakyard

  2. Sue Bramdes says:

    That’s really nice. Lucky kitties. We can’t have anything like that where I live.

  3. Great job on that catio. Those kitties will have so much fun there.

  4. Andrea says:

    Love it! You wanna build one at my house next?


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