Cat’s Collar Sparks Outrage in the UK

Freya the Cat joins Larry on Downing Street Patrols

Larry (the cat who runs the UK) has a new feline friend on Downing Street and boy is she a looker!

The cat’s name is Freya and already she’s caught up in a maelstrom of controversy.

Freya’s guardian, Chancellor George Osborne, is currently under fire as the austerity plan he’s imposed upon the UK is in tatters. His plan includes billions of pounds of spending cuts and hundreds of thousands of public sector job losses as he tries to resolve to gain some ground on the budget deficit.

Which brings us back to Freya. Mr Austerity’s tabby has been spotted wearing a pink diamante collar which can cost up to £50.

freya the cat's collar stirs up maelstrom of controversy

We think Freya may deserve a measure of spoiling. Three years ago when she was just a kitten, she disappeared from the Osborne’s Notting Hill home. Despite posting flyers and an exhaustive search, Freya was nowhere to be found.

In the interim, Osborne was appointed Chancellor of the Exchequer of the United Kingdom, and his family moved to Downing Street.

Last month, his wife got a fateful phone call. It turns out the Freya had been found living as a stray in a garden in the Osborne’s old neighborhood. A neighbor had been feeding her and tending to her needs. When the cat was taken to the vet, a microchip revealed her owners’ identity.

Days later, Freya moved to Downing Street which is where her collar stirred up so much controversy. The Osbornes live at 10 Downing St., while Larry – the cat who runs the UK – lives next door at no. 11 Downing St.

Until now, Larry has been the only cat on Downing St. He’s better known than most dignitaries who enter the Prime Minister’s residence. Freya has been reported to be getting on well with Larry and now helps him on his Downing St patrols which she appears to take very seriously. Just look at that determination in her face!

freya the cat patrols downing street - larry has competition

Purrsonally, the bling looks like fake diamonds to us, and besides, a couple of the sparklers are missing. C’mon, guys, how about focusing on valid economic woes and leaving Freya alone?


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  1. Freya isn’t hurting anyone with her collar. People who have a problem with her bling should get a life!

  2. Peoples gets their buns in a knot for so many different things!

  3. SERIOUSLIES! You should see some of Allie’s bling! Freya’s conservative for sure! MOL!

  4. Max says:

    Did any of those grumblers stop to think that maybe she bought that bling collar WITH HER OWN MONIES???

    Find something important to get your knickers in a twist over.

  5. Wow….they ware wound up about a cat collar?? Admittedly mom wouldn’t spend that much on a collar for one of us, but maybe it was a gift from Larry. Either way – aren’t there more important things to be worried about?? sheesh – people are weird.


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