Cats Overrun Jay Leno’s Garage

I was never a huge Jay Leno fan. I’d grown up with Johnny Carson (as a night owl I rarely missed a show), so the transition was tough on me. I moved on to Letterman.

But now I love him.

Leno is known for having a vast automotive collection in his Burbank hangar, which he lent to the organizers of a Southern California animal rescue to transform the space into a kitty wonderland on Christmas.

The event was hosted by Jay and his wife Mavis in association with the team at Luxe Paws Rescue, an organization that works with Los Angeles neighborhoods to combat feline overpopulation. Leno’s auto museum that’s often shown in his video series (Jay Leno’s Garage,) was decked out in Christmas trees, cat toys, and roaming kittens inside a picket fence area. Some of his cars were moved out to make room for the setup, and Leno was on hand to offer the kittens some attention.

the winter-themed scene was set up in order to draw attention to the group’s TNR program. It rescues at-risk animals from the streets and oppose the practices of kill shelters and work to improve the feline crowding problem in urban L.A.

Jay and Mavis are no strangers to philanthropy as they donate hundreds of thousands of dollars per year to various causes including education, women’s rights, and animal rights.

YAY JAY!!!!!!!

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