Cats at Work: Daisy the Curly Cat of 1-800-PetMeds

Daisy the Curly Cat is now blogging for 1800petmeds

As many of you know, Daisy the Curly Cat has just gotten a job blogging for 1-800-Petmeds. I was lucky enuf to get an excloosive interview with Daisy to see how it’s gone so far, and what might be in store for us at 1-800-Petmeds. Here’s our conversation:

SKEEZIX: What kind of things will you be covering as a blogger for 1-800-Petmeds?
Skeezix, I’m very excited about my new blogging job, and happy to do an interview with you. Since I just started my blogging gig, I’m still working on developing the types of things I will be writing about here. I hope it will be things that are of interest to other cats and dogs, as well as to pet parents. This week I wrote about PetFinders Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week!

SKEEZIX: How often will you be posting on yer new blog?
Well, I am still writing my own personal blog during the week, so I am going to try to post on the 1-800-PetMeds Pet Talk Blog at least weekly, and more often if interesting things happen that I would like to write about. You can also find a Pharmacy Blog and Dr. Dym’s Vet Blog there!

SKEEZIX: Do you git yer own office and sekkertary?
My Mommeh is still my secretary. I don’t have my own office, but I have been asking her for my very own computer. And I want my own cell phone, too. A pink, sparkly cell phone.

daisy the curly cat learns how to be a surgeon

SKEEZIX: How many different careers have you had? Let’s see, Circus Daredevil Purrformer, Surgeon, Sea Monkey Farmer…. what else?
I still love my main career as a fashion model. My attempts to raise Sea Monkeys and Jumping beans did not end too well. I had to give up my career as a surgeon because I have not had enough time to devote to my Milton-Bradley Operation home study course. I’m going to focus on becoming a famous writer-cat.

daisy the curly cat as supermodel

SKEEZIX: Do you think that 1-800-Petmeds only hired yer mom so that they could talk you into blogging for them?
That must be it!

SKEEZIX: Will Harley hog this blog like he did yer purrsonal blog, Daisy the Curly Cat?
Harley asks me every day if he can publish a post for the 1-800-PetMeds Pet Talk Blog. So far, he has only showed me stories he wrote about monkeys, goats, dinosaurs and motorcycles, so I have not approved any of his submissions.

SKEEZIX: Have you ever cunsidered using a hare straightener?
I am proud of my naturally curly hair! It might be fun to see if ginger-haired cats have more fun though.

SKEEZIX: Do you think 1-800-Petmeds will ever expand their products into cat clothing?
They are always expanding their product line, but so far, no cat clothing.

SKEEZIX: Will 1-800-Petmeds ever send you on the rode to cover stories that mite be happening, say, in Castro Valley California?
I hope not! Even though I would love to meet you in person, Skeezix, I am not a good traveler, except in my stroller.

SKEEZIX: There are a lot of cats out thare hoo are in awe of yer byooty and yer talents. What advice could you give to industrious cats who dreem of gitting a grate job like you just got at 1-800-Petmeds?
You’re making me blush! I would tell any cat to just try your hardest, and you will be a success!

harley surprisedSKEEZIX: What was Harley’s reaction when he herd you got a new job?
Harley acted surprised, as usual. For him, life is a continual series of exciting surprises.

SKEEZIX: Can I send Tripper to come live with you?
Do you want to trade for Harley?

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Skeezix the Cat -- also known as the Feline Fashionista -- has been blogging daily since March of 2005 when he was six months old. His doppelganger, Flat Skeezix, has traveled to Ireland, England, Ohio, Michigan, the Chuck Erreca Rest Stop on I5, New York, Florida, Missouri, and has been a guest of Sarge Charlie and Auntie Bee on several Carribean cruises. Skeezix loves show tunes, and counts among his idols Judy Garland, Barbra Streisand, Liza, Bernadette Peters, Jacqueline Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Liberace and Elton John. His "special" friend is Daisy the Curly Cat.

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  1. Kathy says:

    Skeezix — What a great interview! Daisy sure is a super STAR! This interview will give her good practice for when she hits the big time. She’s the hardest working cat I know. Love the press pass!

    p.s. to Daisy — I hope you get your own computer and sparkly cell phone. Just make sure to keep your clawrs filed down. It’s hard to type with long nails!

  2. awesome interview you guys! 🙂

  3. Skeezix, thank you for interviewing me. It was fun! Now, I’d better get back to work!

  4. we are sending Daisy and her Mom a HUGE CONCATULATIONS!!

    We love her blog and are very happy for them and their well-deserved new gig!

    We wish them nothing but the best!
    Great interview!

    I think my dog’s avi is going to pop up so in the event that it does, this is Caren from Cat Chat

  5. What a GREAT interview, Skeezix! You’re a regular Anderson Cooper! We love Daisy too and are very excited for her new gig.
    Katie & Glogirly

  6. Cheysuli says:

    Skeezix, you did an excellent job. I think this means you will have to go visit Daisy in Florida. We can see you in speedos!

  7. BeadedTail says:

    We enjoyed your interview with Daisy!

  8. Skeeze!
    Great interview with Miss Daisy! We’re so proud that she’s gone pro! Perhaps her momma will come to BlogPaws?!?

  9. skeezix says:

    I shur hope she will, DMM!

  10. pook555 says:

    What a great interview – we’ll check out Daisy’s new blog! And meowmy thinks that Daisy’s curls are adorable 🙂


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