Cemetery Cat Goes Underground

At St. Sampton’s Parish Church cemetery on the island of Guernsey, England, a 20-year old tabby called Barney comforted mourners who were burying or visiting a loved one. Barney died of old age at the end of February and the entire town is grieving.

Barney didn’t always live in the cemetery. He once belonged to a family that lived nearby. When they moved away, they took Barney with them but he kept disappearing and returning to the cemetery. Eventually, they made a home for him there.

Alan Curzo, the man responsible for maintaining the cemetery grounds and digging the graves, has worked there since 1995. He and Barney made a good team. He said that Barney was well cared for, he always had food, water and even presents on Christmas. People loved him and he loved them back.

“He had his own house but would spend his days wandering around. He was a complete sweetheart, he loved everyone who came through the cemetery. He would wait with me at the gate when we did burials and he would make himself known to the newcomers and he gave a lot of comfort to people. He would rub against their legs as they placed flowers on the graves.”

In the wake of Barney’s death, social media was ablaze with comments on how much he will be missed.

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  1. RIP Barney; looks like you were much beloved!

  2. Erin the Cat says:

    That is so nice. For a community to rally and care for and then celebrate a fellow creatures life says so very much. I am proud of the folk that support him and those that will miss him. I do hope another friendly feline takes on the role, and that Barney has a place to forever rest his head in the very church he cherrished so much.


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