Crazy Cat Ladies can find Crazy Cat Guys on Purrsonals

purrsonals dating site for cat lovers

If you single ladies out there are tired of lonely Saturday nights spent fending off your cats as you down a pint of Ben and Jerry’s, take off that ratty bathrobe, cuz help is on the way. A new dating site – Purrsonals – can connect you and your paw-mate.

You don’t have to prepend “Must Love Cats” to your ad because all members must be crazy for cats.

As you might expect, crazy cat ladies outnumber crazy cat guys on the site. But the guys who are there tend to be covered in cat hair and super-cat-crazy. Like the guy who penned this ad:

I like cats. I love cats. Cats Cats Cats. I like to lick cats. I like to breath cats. I like cats with no tails cause the way there butt wiggles.

OK, there’s no promise that the cat guy you find will also have a mastery of spelling and grammar, but you can’t have everything, right?

Click here to find your cat loving soul mate.

crazy cat lady action figure with cats

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  1. I dunno if Mom would be interested in that cat dood because he cannot spell an’ has terrible grammar!


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