Cuddly Cleo

We were pleased to snag this interview back in January. Yes, January, then life went haywire and we’re still trying to catch up to how far behind we were at that time. If you haven’t met Cleo yet, you’re in for a treat. She might be a senior kitty, but her mind is still sharp. Cleo hails from the blog (No, she didn’t name it.)

Funny Farmer Felines: Please introduce yourself.

Cleo: Hi y’all. I’m Cleo, a 14 year old, somewhat overweight (we’re working on that, I swear) Tortie. Though I’m occasionally moody and often stubborn because I said so, I’ve captured the hearts of my mom and dad, who’ve grown to cherish every ounce of my ample being.

Funny Farmer Felines: If you have any furry siblings, please introduce them too.

Cleo: I’m an only feline, as I don’t think I’d like it very much if mom and dad let anyone else live here. They have their hands full with me anyway, and I make sure all of their attention is on me.

Funny Farmer Felines: How did you all come to live together?

Cleo: I was left at Orange County Animal Services here in Chapel Hill, NC, where I was chilling in a glassed-in room by myself when one day in February of 2017 these two people walked by looking for someone to take care of them. I used my telepathic powers to draw them to my room, and, well, the rest is history.

Funny Farmer Felines: Do you have any nicknames?

Cleo: Do they ever have nicknames for me, though it’s more dad than mom. Patty McFatty, Girly-girl, Tubby, Chubby, Chunky Monkey, Two-ton Tillie, Chubbly Bubbly, Crazy Lady Cat, Portly Princess, Piggy Pants. This is kind of humiliating. Do I need to go further?

Funny Farmer Felines: What kind of mischief do you like to get into?

Cleo: Well, I’m an older gal, so mischief isn’t exactly something I get into these days. I do have a penchant for jostling and sitting on mom’s papers when she’s trying to do “office” stuff or make crafty things for the grandkids. I have a bad habit of putting things I find on the floor in my mouth, so they have to be careful what they drop.

Probably the biggest issue they have with me, and this is a little embarrassing, but you asked; When I finish doing my “business” in my covered litterbox my scratching to bury extends to the sides and swinging door to my box. I’m not quite sure why, but I paw and scratch, as if the swinging door is a mound of litter to cover my stuff, and I’ve been known more than a time or two to yank that door right off its hinges.

Next question please, I’m thoroughly embarrassed now.

Funny Farmer Felines: What made you open a blog?

Cleo: My blog, Peeballs and Pooplogs, was actually started by my predecessor, Orbit. Now, I never knew him, but he was another senior feline who felt the need to force his day to day doings on the blogging world. Mom and dad still miss him a lot, but after they finally gave in and got me (they weren’t ready for a couple of years after Orbit passed) and after a lot of consideration dad decided to reboot this thing and taught me how to use the laptop, and, well, here we are.

Funny Farmer Felines: If we were to ask your human mom or dad what they love best about you, what do you think they would say?

Cleo: It took a while, being a senior and all, but mom and dad love how sweet I can be. Sure, I’ve got my trademark Tortietude, but I’ve become the cuddly lap cat that mom and dad grew to love with He Who Came Before.

One other thing dad’s making me talk about- and this provides endless entertainment for them- I love spankings. Yup, I know. I have my special mat with my toys and whatnot, and every time mom or dad reaches to stroke my fur or give me loves, I turn and run right to my mat and flatten myself out in joyous anticipation of a nice butt slapping. TMI, perhaps?

Funny Farmer Felines: We enjoyed learning more about Cleo the tortie from Drop by her blog to say hello.

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7 thoughts on “Cuddly Cleo

  1. Cleo we are so glad to have caught your wonderful intermew. Dad and all of us were so happy when we found you had hypnotized Orbits folks to take you home. We think he may have had a hand in this that great old fellow.
    Purrs and lots of spankings to you dear friend
    Timmy and Family

  2. Well Cleo, it’s nice to meet you. We’re glad you found your humans. You’re too purretty to hang out in jail. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena

  3. cleo… hay ewe gorgeouz gal pal !!!! we N joyed thiz interveew two day; it waz grate ta see ya in de spot lite heer N we gotta add mitt long az we haz known ya we never new ya had that mannee nik namez !! ☺☺☺♥♥♥

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