Did You Miss the Wedding of the Year?

3297_0-73922000-1469289720_00-wedding-party-arrow-garIn a ceremony rivaling that of William and Kate’s in opulence and grandeur, Mauricio and Allie tied the knot today in a lavish ceremony held in the pergola of the Order of the Arrowhead Lodge at Cat Scouts.

Mauricio, of course, is the brains behind The Cat on My Head, and Allie heads up Friends Furrever.

Allie was a vision, and that’s no hyperbole. Her organza and satin gown reflected her lavender color theme, with sprays of plum-colored posies embellishing the skirt. The mancats wore stylish grey tuxes designed to put the focus on the ladycat contingent.

Allie was escorted down the aisle by her cherished brother Raz and her mom, the Denmother. The ceremony was conducted by the Denmaster who received her Dokter of Divinitee certificate from the Interwebs just hours before Allie walked down the aisle.

A raucous time was had by all after the ceremony in the party tent.


Amazingly, the groom (owner of Mau’s Bake Shop) had time pre-wedding to create the stunning wedding cake, which featured a cascade of violet roses.


Everyone wishes the happy couple the best, and a long long life together.


11 thoughts on “Did You Miss the Wedding of the Year?

  1. conga ratz two ewe allie & mau …we wish ewe both manee yeerz a head filled with happee nezz, health, gran kidz ☺☺ N good timez…..yur wedding iz total lee awesum….best best fishes frum all oh uz ~~~

  2. Bravo bravo yes indeedy it was the wedding of the century and it was so well attended the lodge page crashed.
    Hugs Madi Raz’s gal

  3. Wowwzers! What a most marvelous event! Mes so happy that Mousebreath covered such the wedding!
    Concatulations to all!
    (and the Denminister too)

  4. It was a gorgeous wedding and TONS of fun. Sammy was thrilled to be Best Man…….the happy couple were simply stunning and the whole day was magnificent. The Denmaster (who we shall hereafter refer to as Denminister) did a wonderful ceremony for Mau and Allie. FUN!

    Pam and Sammy

  5. OMC…Denmaster/minister, Thanks for covering the wedding here. It truly was a glorious event. We are so sorry we “broke” Cat Scouts! Thank you for marrying our Cat Scouts. The ceremony was incredible. Everything you said was purrfection. We moms are pretty pooped. My Lisbeth (girlfriend to Scout Charles) caught the bouquet. If he does pop the question, I am going to suggest they elope. This was my second wedding of the year with my Astrid marrying Cat Scout Sampson just one month ago at the BlogPaws Conference. Thanks for creating Cat Scouts. We love it! Love and hugs, Mau’s mom, Janet

  6. We had no idea the Papurrazzi attended the wedding! Fabulous coverage! Allie and Mau are honeymooning now and look forward to returning to Scouts as the first married couple!!

    The Florida Furkids

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