Erin The Tuxedo Princess

It has been such fun meeting and interviewing Erin the cat princess from her blog of the same name. She has a resilient spirit and a happy ever after story. After all, how many cats can say they have gone from bare survival on the streets to living in a Palace with a plentiful supply of mice?

Funny Farmer Felines: Please introduce yourself and your human.

Erin: Hello my friends, thank you for inviting me to call in on you on the way back from Blog Paws conference. I must say you have a lovely place here, and a great setting to do an interview. Tell me, do you get many mice? I sure would love to try one of your American mice, or a chippie, I hear tell they’re great sport.

Oh my, sorry, I do get carried away once I get onto the subject of mice, and especially cream. Now let me introduce myself to your readers. My name is Erin the Cat, and I’m a princess, a Tuxedo Princess who made good after being abandoned to a life on the streets, but found happiness and a place, a Palace of my own after being rescued.

The human? My human? Hmm, not sure I have one of those…. Oh yes you mean the “peep,” yes, well, I try not to talk about my peep too much. She gets terribly embarrassed and goes all red and limp. In fact, the brain turns to mush at the sight of an interviewer or a notepad and pencil. Still, one can’t pick and choose who we rescue!

Funny Farmer Felines: If you have any furry siblings, please introduce them too.

Erin: Well, I have no siblings or companions here at the Palace. The life of a Princess in charge is quite a lonely one, but that is the mantle of responsibility I must bear. I am not alone, however, as I have the whole of the Palace grounds and all the creatures to play with. OK so some of them might not wish to play with me, but that’s a moot point.

Funny Farmer Felines: How did you and your peep come to live together?

Erin: Ah, well that is quite a story, an adventure, in fact, but let me shorten it for you. My life got put on hold when I came ‘into kitten’ as it were, whilst living rough on the streets. Some kindly folk seeing me struggle with the kittens, and also my poor health, took me to The Woodside Animal Rescue Centre, in Leicestershire UK, where we were all very well looked after and my wounded ears treated.

As I was being treated at the Rescue, two feline companions left for the Rainbow Bridge, leaving a human’s life destroyed and at rock bottom. It was not long after Christmas that my soon to be charge, the peep, arrived. As is the way of these things, my kittens had all been adopted before Christmas but I, being not the most attractive looking feline on the block, with my raggedy stitched up ears, had been dismissed, ignored by all as a potential Palace keeper and home maker.

I have to admit, if I hadn’t found peep at that time, I don’t know where I would be now, but the tears I saw when I looked into those reddened tired eyes told me this was the home I was destined to help and care for, and that I had found my new family.

Funny Farmer Felines: Tell us a little about the area where you live.

Erin: Well, my sleepy hamlet is not far from the market town of Melton Mowbray, in the County of Leicestershire in the England, UK. The area is renown for it’s Melton Mowbray Pork Pies, and a superior strong blue veined cheese called Stilton. As for landmarks, well there are many stately homes and churches, but possibly the most famous would be Belvoir Castle, Home of the 11th Duke of Rutland. Sadly, I am still awaiting my invite to high tea, but peep has been there and says it is a wondrous place, and well worth a visit.

Funny Farmer Felines: Do you have any nicknames?

Erin: I don’t actually have a nickname, and the title of Princess was awarded to me for services rendered. But I am quite easy about names, so Erin will suffice for all but black suit and tie occasions. The peep has been heard to mutter various names to seek my attention, but this being a family interview, I won’t repeat. However, two of peep’s favourite names for me are ‘Cream’, and ‘Treats’. I don’t know why this is, but if it humours the peep then I let it slide and head on over to say hello.

Funny Farmer Felines: What kind of mischief do you like to get into?

Erin: Contrary to what the staff (peep) says, I don’t get into mischief as such, as it is not ladylike, but sometimes my daily Palace duties do spill over into peep’s sleep break. For me, mice at 2 a.m. is an occupational hazard in my role in charge of the Palace’s mouse population, or checking rabbits over to see if they have the requisite license for those fluffy tails. Oh the fun we have together in those wee small hours; peep veritably glows red with the exhilaration and fun of it all.

Funny Farmer Felines: What made you open a blog?

Erin: Well now, the blog was started more as my journal and a way for me to de-stress from looking after the peep, who had been going through some pretty traumatic family stuff, illnesses and deaths. One day I just hit the publish button and it was suddenly out there for all to see. The rest, as they say, is history.

Funny Farmer Felines: Do you participate in any blogging events?

Erin: Now my great pals, the late Nerissa, and the crew at the Dash Kitten blog recommended I joined the Sunday Selfie Blog Hop, hosted by the kitties from The Cat on My Head blog, as a way of meeting new friends and getting out more. It has quite changed my life, and seeing such famous cat bloggers as Summer Samba of the Sparklecat blog, has been inspirational and excellent fun.

Funny Farmer Felines: Are you on any social media you would like to share with readers?

Erin: Thank you.  I can be found on Facebook – Erin the Cat Princess@erinthecatprincess.

And on Twitter – jewish speed dating nyc.

Funny Farmer Felines: What is your greatest love and your biggest fear?

Erin: Love and fears? Hmm, as to love, it has to be chasing mice. I had to, to survive, and I still enjoy the chase and the taste of freedom.

As to fear, well that is easy, it is the cruelty of humans. That was the lesson I learnt on the streets, and is one I won’t forget. A trust is hard earned by others when your life depends on it. The peep gives me the freedom I need to deal with my fears as best I can, in return I bring stability to the Palace. Oh, and mice too. Well, someone has to put supper on the table!

Funny Farmer Felines: Does your human foster any furbabies, work or volunteer for a shelter?

Erin: At the moment the peep is dealing with retiring and the stresses of forging a new life. When things settle, it is hoped that peep will get out from under my paws and take up work for a local shelter, but only after all the chores are done.

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Funny Farmer Felines: How would you describe yourself?

Erin: How would I describe myself? Now that is a great question, and if peep were to answer it would be that I’m an enigma. Me, I’d say I’m a shy extrovert, comfortable amongst friends, weary of strangers, bold hunter, and honest and true friend to those that respect me and what I have been through.

Funny Farmer Felines: If we were to ask your peep what she loves best about you, what do you think she would say?

Erin: Good question, and I haven’t quite figured out the answer myself. I think peep would probably say I bring a new dynamic to the equation, a sense of fun and adventure, and the unknown. Certainly peep never knows what I’ll be bringing home next, or when. At the end of the day, I hope peep would say I have re-lit the fires in a cold hearth and brought love, warmth, and life once more. And I’m not meaning those mice either.

Funny Farmer Felines: We love a story with a happy ending. Or is that a story with a happy new beginning? You can visit at the Palace.

17 thoughts on “Erin The Tuxedo Princess

  1. Well, hi-and-hello there ole friend, how good to be seeing you! An enlightening interview and interesting to learn a wee bit more ’bout ya! Sounds like all is coming along quite dandy in the palace these days, tho the mice would not agree … we’re saving up our cream for the next time we meet. Hugs to that peep ‘o’ yours!
    Dougie Dog, Zoey and the Zoolatry Human.

  2. Dearest Princess Erin, your story fills my heart that you now have a happy life. I’m sorry it started out rough for you and your babies, but your Peep sounds like the type who will go to the ends of the earth to make sure you never want for anything ever again.

    1. Hi Herman. We all have a tale to tell, some way worse than others, and mine was by no means the worse. But I can appreciate how very lucky I was to end up at the Woodside Anima Rescue, and they were very kind and patient and caring. Happy endings and happy beginnings and the chance of a new life…. that is a true blessing and one I hope for all waifs and strays….
      Purrs, Erin

  3. ERin; furst off ewe iz gorgeouz N never forgetz that; just look at yur gorgeouz self in de last fotoz heer…who ever passed ewe bye when ewe waz at de rescue… waz ther lozz N yur dadz gain…we troo lee N joyed yur interveewz two day…best fishes two dad with ree tire mint…. { & yea, boomer coulda toll ya his storee bout that livin on de streetz N who ta trust thing } ♥♥♥♥♥

    1. Hi guys, thank you, you are so kind, and we loved being interviewed as much as reading it. MOL
      Too oft’ humans see only the kittens and not the older cats in shelters. I was very lucky in deed to be at the Woodside Shelter, where the staff never give up on a feline and they and the great folk of Leicester help it to be the success that it is.
      Grateful Purrs, Erin

  4. I always love to hear rags to riches stories because it is a win-win for everyone. We have followed Erin for a long time, but never knew how she became the princess.

  5. Well, Erin, as you well know, I adore your ears and wish I had them, being a Tuxie, too, but above all, I am so, so happy you have a home and a good ‘peep’ and I’d like to know your secrets to entertainment, since I am a loner kitty, too.
    Mama says I should have a sister or brother but no way, Jose.
    Unless YOU wish to visit.
    And hey, my papa LOVES Stilton. Please send via Loulou the best brand of Stilton in your region and perhaps mama will order some for him.

    He’s sitting here with a bottle of port and knows not what to have with it……
    LOVE the interview, as always.

    1. Hi Loulou, it is always a delight to be complimented about my ears and I do love to have them tickled. As to entertainment, I can recommend bring a few house guests home. That always works for me. MOL
      Ah well, you could do none finer than trying the Long Clawson Stilton, though they are all as nice. I’ll email you a website in due course.
      Purrs, ERin

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