Fat Cat Slims With Underwater Treadmill

Do I hear a “Heck No!” from more than a few cats out there?

For plus-sized cats who’d like to combine swimming fun with a treadmill workout, take a look at George the Himalayan’s solution: an underwater treadmill workout.

Owner Aimee Good of Urbandale Iowa, says folks think it’s a joke, but the workout offers the pawsibility that in five or six months, his thrice-weekly regimen will result in a loss of five pounds, leaving him a sleek 12 lbs.

Aimee erroneously claims that “You can’t really take a cat out for a walk.” We all know that Skeezix proved that’s just not true. But there are a few cats who don’t take to harness training, and George was such a cat.

At 17 lbs, he was at risk for diabetes, and his vet said he needed to shed some weight. George suggested that a Lion Cut might do it, but Aimee had other plans.

She put poor George on a strict diet and exercise regimen that included jogging and getting wet in an underwater treadmill for six minutes, three times per week.

Aimee says she’s a believer. “I was really hoping this would work for him, and it seems to really be going well.”

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  1. Whoa! George…move over, I need this treadmill for myself!

  2. So glad water therapy is catching on! No better treatment for man or beast needing gentle exercise!

  3. Ellen Pilch says:

    Purrseidon the cat in Florida would love this , but she doesn’t need to lose weight.


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