Feed Shelter Animals With Your Purchase

If yesterday’s cat handbags weren’t your thing, how about some chic wearables from the Animal Rescue Site? Each purchase helps feed shelter animals. Most of these items come in plus sizes, a bonus if you’re a little “fluffier” than usual after the holidays!

(CLICK HERE to see all of their cat-themed clothing.)

Playful Cats Sweatshirt: $34.95.
Feeds 71 shelter animals.

Super cozy sherbet cats bathrobe, $39.95.
Feeds 71 shelter animals

Touchscreen gloves – keeps your paws fingers warm even while using touchscreen devices. They have special conducive fibers woven into the thumb and forefingers. (How have you survived the winter without a pair of these?) $14.95. Feeds 35 shelter animals.

Dean Russo Cat Tee, $12.95 and under. Feeds 35 shelter animals.

Cat Ears Hoodie, $36.95. Feeds 71 shelter animals

Colorful Laurel Burch Cat Socks, $5.95. Feeds 35 shelter animals.

Another Russo Cat Tee, $24.95. Feeds 71 shelter animals.

Woven cat scarf, $14.95. Feeds 35 shelter animals.

Cat Print Jammies: Shorts: $18.95. Long pants: $24.95. Top: $19.95.Each feeds 35 shelter animals.

Cats Can Change the World Nightshirt $19.95
Feeds 71 shelter animals.

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  1. Pawsome clothing. I found out they deliver to the UK but I would have to pay tax and other extras.

  2. So many wonderful things! I even found a twin-cat outdoor planter that I MUST HAVE!

  3. Ellen Pilch says:

    I love the robe 🙂

  4. ERin the cat says:

    Such lovely clothes. I dare Mrs H would love all of those–but the warm wear would be exceptionally handy around here right now. I could pile it all up and be as snuggly as a cat in a rug 🙂
    PLUS once again these all feed pets in need. Awesome work and thanks again for sharing


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