Feline Trio Stages Sit-In

In Castro Valley CA this week, three activist cats staged a sit-in to protest the removal of their Christmas tree. “It is cruel of the people to bring a tree into the house, tie a bunch of cat toys to the branches, and just when we master removing those pesky strings of lights, they make it go away,” said Banzai, the leader of the pack. “Not only that, it was gruesome to watch them dismember that poor tree before they put it on the street for the crunchy box trucks to eat it up,” added Homer. “The man sawed it right in half.” “So when they started taking the cat toys off the tree, we camped out underneath it. We remember when they did the same thing last year,” chimed in Reno. “And when I went next door to crap on the neighbor’s lawn furniture, I could see they were doing the same thing to a tree inside their house,” reported Banzai. “People have no respect for trees,” said Reno, shaking his head. Was their sit-in successful? Nope. The tree is gone. “When they hauled that tree to the curb, my joie de vivre went with it. I don’t know if I can ever recover from the trauma,” sniffled Homer.


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