Forget the Mall on Black Friday. We’ve Got This.


I usually spend most of Black Friday wondering in which of the seven circles of hell does the Black Friday Walmart Stampede live?

My life took a signficant turn for the better with Amazon Fresh. No longer do I have to grow old in the interminable lines at Safeway, only to be subjected to the checkout clerk’s insistence on engaging in small talk and commenting on my purchases. (“Hmmm… Astroglide? Someone’s gonna have a nice weekend!”)

With Amazon Fresh, your groceries just magically appear on your doorstep and you have zero interaction with humans. If you’re one of those chit-chatty people who enjoys inane small talk with checkout clerks, you’ll fail to see why I’m hooked.

But here I am chatting off on a tangent…

I’ve invested significant time in recent weeks creating Mousebreath’s Crazy Cat Lady Gift Guide. It’s your one-stop shop for any cat-themed gift you’d want to buy this holiday season. We’ve even found a bunch of stuff that won’t cost you more than $10. And, quite a few of the items have coupon codes that will save you 20%.

So please, take a look. And maybe put a few of these on your Christmas wish list!

CLICK HERE to go to the gift guide.

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  1. Patricia Sullivan says:

    OMC! Avoiding chatty check out clerks is worth the price of admission!

  2. Wow! This is a huge list – and lots of items I’ve never seen before! Thanks for all your hard work. =^^=


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