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at-the-movies-thefly-featWe’re noo to this interwebs thing cuz we’re just kittins, but we are alreddy moovey expurrts and wunt to help you find the bestest youtubes entertainment availubul. This week’s moovey review is Litter Box Fly.

RENO: Hooz the best fly hunter in our howse, Homer–you or me?

HOMER: I am, definitly. Yer the moth hunting expurrt. I’m the Fly Guy. Flys are even better than The Red Dot. And more filling.

RENO: But we both LOVED this fly moovey!

HOMER: Yeah, ya know thare arn’t that many flys in the kold seezins, so I can go DAYS without seeing one. But with this moovey I can do fly hunting 24 howrs a day!

RENO: I ferst tooned in to it becuz I thot it was THE FLY starring da grate Jeff Goldblum. He wuz also in the gratest moovey of all time, The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai across the 8th Dimension. I wuz named after one of the karakters in Buckaroo Banzai. So wuz Banzai, that old cat we liv with.

HOMER: I thot yoo wuz named after the town.

RENO: Nope, me an Banzai are moovey karakters. Anyway, this fly moovey is vary vary well done, with klose-up shots of flys on a litter box. Altho I’ve never seen flys on our litter box. But the ones in this moovey are vary realistic.

HOMER: You can almost taste ’em! Hay, I’m hungry!

RENO: Me, too. Let’s set the moovey up so everycat can watch it, then take a break for some Party Mix.

HOMER: Yer on!

Summery: It’s got fly fu, buzz fu, stinky fu and poo fu

RATING: 8 Paws up!

Homereno sez, “Check it out!”



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  1. Toffee Ripple Fuzzypants says:

    Grate moovey kruhteek, kitties!

  2. Hermes Hauck says:

    Homer and Reno, you moovey revuz was good! I think I’ll keep this one for the next moovey night I have in my room at the CSU dorm! Our fellow scouts will luv it!!
    Thanks again!
    All Paws Up,


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