Friday Film Review by Homereno: BRRRRR!


at-the-movies-31janHOMER: It wuz a bizzy week!

RENO: Yup. We klimed up the chiminy and killed sum krissmiss ornamints and got krabs!

HOMER: The krabs wuz deelishus!

RENO: And of korse, we watched lots of mooveys. I wood not have ixpekted to like this wun, but I did.

HOMER: I dinged my rating a littul acuz thare wuz no berds or sqwerls in it, but it wuz exillerayting!

RENO: It wuz a nice change frum owr uzual sqwerls and berds rooteen.

HOMER: And az a bonus, it wuz wun that the peeopul enjoyed watching. Over and over.

RENO: So heer’s the sinnopsis: This guy puts on skeez and goze down a glaysher. He goze thru ice tunnels and flize like a berd.

HOMER: I thot he WUZ a berd for a minit. Or maybe a fly. I luvs to eet flize.

RENO: It wuz riveting. And I kept wayting for him to krash. But he kept flying down the hill.

HOMER: So yer peeple are gonna like it, and yoo will too!

Summery: Glaysher Foo, Skee Foo, Ice Foo

RATING: 7 Paws up!

Homereno sez, “Check it out!”


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  1. Mousebreath Magazine says:

    Boyz, can I recommend that next week you review, “We knocked over the ficus tree and got mud on the white carpet.” There’s video, right?

  2. Izzy says:

    Youze guyz’ moovie re-vewz are the bombs! Keep em coming.


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