Friday Film Review by Homereno: Double Feature!



RENO: During the 5 or 7 minits a day weer not kurrently spending dismantuling the krissmiss tree, we like to watch the yootoobs.

HOMER: Yeah, that krissmiss tree werk takes a lot of time an enerjy! It’s nice to kik bak and just watch a good moovey and chillax. This week we’re reviewing TOO of owr faverit holiday selekshuns: “Jingle Bell Goats” and “Christmas for Cats.” Ferst up, the gotes.

RENO: “Jingle Bell Goats” was THE BEST!

HOMER: Boy, yoo’ve got that rite! They misspellt “gotes,” but I don’t hold that aginst them.

RENO: Gotes are just not vary good spellerz.

HOMER: But boy are they good at jumpin!

RENO: And they are vary merry, wich is nice to watch during the hollyday seezin.

HOMER: And thare KYOOT! Not as kyoot as me, but still pritty darnd kyoot!

RENO: I liked the part ware the baby gote has a hard time gitting inside the rubber dish. That krakt me up.

HOMER: Yeah, I was like DOODS! Sumbuddy giv that kid a push!

RENO: Ha! Yoo sed kid! Yoo made a pun!

HOMER: Whuts a pun?

RENO: Its a joke that ixploits the diffrint pawsible meenings of a werd.

HOMER: I’m gonna start callin yoo “Purrfesser Reno.”

RENO: I like it!

HOMER: And we both liked this moovey. It wuz an amyoozing brake frum sqwerls and berds.

RENO: I think we need sum pet gotes. They’d be a lot of help dismantuling the krissmiss tree.

HOMER: But that wood steel sum of owr fun, woodn’t it?

Summery: Gote Foo, Jingle Foo, Cute Foo, King of the Mountain Foo, Fail Foo

RATING: 8 Paws up! WAY up!

Homereno sez, “Check it out!”

RENO: The next moovey we’re rekummending this week is “Christmas for Cats.”

HOMER: This wuz anuther winner!

RENO: We saw it on the small skreen ferst, and then we had to see it on the big hi def big skreen to reely appreesheeate the artistry involved. One of the peeps snapped a pikcher of us at werk revyooing it on the tiny skreen:

HOMER: After a vary long day spent dismantling the krissmiss tree, it’s nice to kik bak and just watch the shiny ballz and lights flote akrost the skreen.

RENO: It rilly got me jazzed up to go kill sum ornamints!


Summery: Lite Foo, Ball Foo, Holly Foo

RATING: 7 Paws up!

Homereno sez, “Check it out!”

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  1. Daniel Thomas LAVANA says:

    Just discovered “Mousebreath”and all thrilled! My Human really loves all things feline. Sincerely Sisipuss,Rion and Kallie Catt.

  2. GRARE reevyow guyz! I dunno why gotes can’t spell there own names rite!

  3. GRARE reevyow guyz! I dunno why gotes can’t spell there own names rite!

  4. casper says:

    THE 2ND vidEO WUz gud but not as gud as killIN THE sparkul ballz oN THE TRee.

  5. The Furry Five says:

    Ah luvs teh cristmas ballz!


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