Friday Film Review by Homereno: Laser Chaser



We spend a lot of time on the yootoob channel “Cat Games,” and this week we’re revyooing one of the mooveys frum that channel, “Laser Chaser.

HOMER: Thare’s nuthin like chasin The Red Dot.

RENO: Yeah, but the problim is, the peeple won’t spend more than 15 or 20 minits a day making The Red Dot go.

HOMER: So we were kinda jazzed to find this grate moovey, “Laser Chaser.”

RENO: Yoo mite not know this, but layzer is the teknikul name for The Red Dot.

HOMER: I dunno why they have to git teknikul.

RENO: Me neether. I liked this moovey.

HOMER: I did too. But they shooda killed the myoosik sowndtrak and kept the berdie sownds. And there’s a cat inside the teevee win this moovey plays, and she yowls a lot. I think she’s trapped!

RENO: It had lots of red dots. More than we git when our peeple play Red Dot with us.

HOMER: Yeah, I liked that part. But the red dots didn’t go up high on the wall, they just stayed on the teevee, and the peeple git kranky win I jump on the teevee.

RENO: Yeah, that little aksident wuz unforchewnit. But they’ve only had that teevee a cupple of weeks, so it’s not like they were that attached to it.

HOMER: Overall, I liked the moovey. It plays for a long time. And win it’s over, sum more cat mooveys frum the Cat Games Channel play.

RENO: Yeah, I’d say it wuzn’t the gratest moovey of all time, but I’ve watched it more than eleventy times and it still duzn’t git old.

Summery: It’s got layzer fu, red dot fu and fun fu.

RATING: 5 Paws up!

Homereno sez, “Check it out!”

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  1. I don’t know where I’ve been … I’ve never heard of this channel before … time to have some fun!

  2. Carole Schulman says:

    I absolutely tee-totally LOVE this review!!!

  3. We are dizzy! Kind of “Shack” on catoids….See ya! We need to get some cool compresses.


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