Friday Film Review by Homereno: Quelle HORREUR!!!

January 6, 2017 |


RENO: Sumtimes we like to have the poop scairt rite out of us.

HOMER: And the only thing that’s more terryfying to heer than “We’re getting a dawg,” is  “We’re havin a baybee.”

RENO: This movey has BOTH: DAWGS and BAYBEEZ!

HOMER: The only thing that’s missin is KLOWNZ!



RENO: {{{{shudders}}}}}

HOMER: This is a videeo that’ll kerl yer hare an yer fur and anything else that can git kurly cuz it’s a HORROR MOOVEY!

RENO: This is definitly a film yoo shoodn’t watch alone. Thare are no klownz, but it’s still pritty scary havin to lissen to them dawgs and baybeez makin those awful dawg and baybee sownds.

HOMER: I shot strate up the air win I herd that dawg howlin with the baybee! I thot my ears wuz gonna bleed!

RENO: I neerly wet my pants win I thot the dawg wuz gonna eat the baybee, but he wuz just tasting him.

HOMER: Don’t give away the ending!

RENO: So this moovey is a peeple-pleezer, wich meens yer peeps will play it a bunch for you becuz they like to watch it, too.

HOMER: I never did unnerstand why peeple like dawgs and baybeez.

RENO: There’s no accounting for taste, my frend. Espeshully among non-cat species.

Summery: Dog spit foo, Baybee foo, Scary foo, no klownz

RATING: 5 Paws up

Homereno sez, “Check it out!”

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Homer and Reno are littermates. Homer is a black kitten who attended the adoption fair every week for 4 months without getting adopted. When his new 'rents found out that Reno's brother was still looking for a furever home, they said, "Heck yeah! What's one more cat?" Homer and Reno are a strongly bonded demonic duo. And film aficionados in the great tradition of Gene Siskel, Roger Ebert, and Joe Bob Briggs.

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  1. Mike Hartley says:

    You Guys are great film critics what a treat your reviews are. My name is Pete and I’m a 12 year old tuxedo kitty, I have three sisters who all think they are the “Boss”, but I really am.

  2. Doods, I seriously kept waiting for one of those sticky things to become dog treats. On one paw, I was relieved that there was no nomming of the minipeople, on the other paw, it was a bit of a let down. Even a nip would have totally made the movie.


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