Friday Film Review by Homereno: String Theory



HOMER: I was disappointed this week.

RENO: Why? I thot you liked this moovey.

HOMER: I did. But I thot it wuz named String CHEEZE. I got all hungried up fur nuthin.

RENO: Well, stik with me and I’ll help yoo skore sum havarti frum that big kold peeple food box in the kichin.

HOMER: Dood, yer the best!

RENO: Yah, I know.

HOMER: This moovey wuzn’t the best, but it was pritty good.

RENO: It’s good fur like win the peeple won’t play the string game with us for longer than 2 or 3 hours. Hyoomanz have such short attenshun spans! If you put this moovey on autoplay to reepeet, you can play the string game for a week!

HOMER: But if you watch the moovey on a tuch skreen, if yoo paw at the string it mite make the moovey stop, so it’s better to watch it on the big teevee skreen.

RENO: Bigger is alwayz better!

HOMER: And reel string and reel string CHEEZE is better, but yoo can’t alwayz git wut you wunt.

RENO: But if yoo try sumtimes, yoo mite find yoo git wut yoo need.

Summery: red string fu, curly red string fu, strate red string fu

RATING: 5 Paws up.

Homereno sez, “Chek it owt!”

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