Friday Film Review by Homereno: Winter Birds


HOMER: I like to spend a lot of time during the day watching the hummy berds owtside the kichen window.

RENO: Me too! Thare better than flies!

HOMER: Only yoo kant ketch em and eet em.

RENO: Why duzn’t Fansy Feest make a hummy berd flayver?

HOMER: That wood be dope! But then I woodn’t be abul to reezist eeting it, and yoo know I have a lot of fun makin the man open can after can after can win I preetend I don’t like the flayvers.

RENO: And then the Food Lady goze, “Just pore sum Party Mix on top!”

HOMER: And THEN we eet it. After he opens eleventy cans and then dumps a bunch of treets on top. Hehehehe.

RENO: Oh, yoo know wut? We’re sposed to be revyooing that berds movie.

HOMER: Oh yah. Well, this week we watched Winter Berds’ Feeding Frenzy a bunch of times.

RENO: It’s a klassik.

HOMER: Not to be kunfyoozed with DA BERDS by Alfurd Hitchkok. Wich wuzn’t that gud kuz it wuzn’t in color.

RENO: This wun had LOTS of color! I lubs thoze red berds. Thare wuz yellow berds and bloo berds too. I think it wuz in tekneecolor.

HOMER: An it wuz vary reealistik cuz I cheked behind the skreen just to make shur thoze berdies wuznt flyin in the howse!

RENO: It had good sownds. Lots of cherping and wing beeting sownds.

HOMER: AND thare’s a seekwill called Winter Berds’ Feeding Frenzy II.

RENO: The seekwill wuz werth wayting for! They make a good dubble feecher!

Summery: red berdie foo, bloo berdie foo, yellow berdie foo!

RATING: 8 Paws up. Way up.

Homereno sez, “Check it out!”


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  1. Looks like our feeders, except we don’t get too many colorful birds. Or at least when we’re watching! We do get Woodpeckers in the Winter and Hummers in the Summer.

    Great film, boys!

  2. Andrea Kenner says:

    Awesome post! Gonna Like the video so I can replay it for my guys — over and over and over again!

  3. Timmy says:

    This is a film that needs to be seen by cats the world over! Next year we will have a yard and Dad says we will have Feeders. We say the birds are our feeders and Dad says there will be feeders for the birds. Wonder who will win MOL


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