Fun for Cats before Christmas, Not so much once the tree goes up (GIVEAWAY)


Yep, despite my protestations (Christmas decorations and ads should not go up after Thanksgiving — am I right?), it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. And whether you put up a Christmas tree or Hanukkah bush, cats can pose a problem, both to themselves and your tree and ornaments. 

We've tried tying the tree to the ceiling. I can still hear the cats laughing over that one. In recent years, with a geezer cat and two didn't show much interest in the tree, it had ceased to be a major problem. That will change this year in the form of Banzai. This kitten sees EVERYTHING as a toy be jumped on, climbed up or scurried beneath. And OH! How he loves sparkly things! Behind this angelic face lurks a hooligan.


So Christmas Tree Defender might be just the thing to thwart him.



Here's how it works:



Despite Banzai's frequent descents into hooliganism, he's always willing to help out around the house, so when I opened up the Christmas Tree Defender box,he begged me to let him assemble it. First, he carefully read the directions:


Then he helped snap the four wedge-shaped sections together.Despite the lack of opposable thumbs, he's quite handyl.


…  And very thorough!

Once assembled, you can start customizing it for your tree. The spines can be easily snipped with scissors to accomodate any size of trunk. Same with the outside — just snip to match your tree's diameter, and snap it onto the tree 18"-24" from the floor. It provides a barricade over which cats cannot climb, so they can't topple your tree. No more trying to MacGyver a way to tie the tree to the ceiling!
We don't yet have a Christmas tree, so Banzai can't pawticipate in a live demo, but you'll be the first to see him give it a live workout!
As we look ahead to this holiday season with a kitten, a teen-aged cat, and a 24-lb cat, we look forward to seeing whether the Christmas Tree Defender will keep my Radko ornaments and our Star Trek ornament collection intact. We always have a tall tree to take advantage of the space pictured below (dunno what we're gonna do with that piano this year), and the taller the tree, the more enticing it is to climbing cats. I know it will be singing "Stairway to Heaven" to Banzai.
But the best thing about the Christmas Tree Defender is that is offers year-round fun. Buckaroo and Banzai had raucous afternoons batting at each other from opposite sides, and Banzai liked dragging it across the room in his mouth. I just hope it survives until Christmas! 


Where to Buy Christmas Tree Defender

For more info, or to purchase, go to It's also available on Amazon.
THE FINE PRINT: The kind folks at Chrismas Tree Defenders provided me with the product free of charge, so that Banzai could assemble and play with it prior to getting a tree. This is a paid post.
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  1. Summer says:

    My human says we will have a tree this year – apparently she went for several years without putting one up for varying reasons, none of them cat-related. She does not think I will do anything too awful to the tree. We will see how that plays out.

    • Natalie says:

      I love my cats and I love Christmas time. I lost a cat due to injuries from him playing in the Christmas tree. So sad. Also, I don't like hearing friends say they don't put a tree up anymore because it is such an important part of awesome family memories at Christmas. Try our product out, please. I am sure you will be pleased. Watch the demo videos and you will see it works like a charm!

      Have happy holidays!


  2. Joseph Braha says:

    Nicely Clicked. The Christmas Tree Defender will be ours this year.

    To keep your pet looking awsome this Christmas you can go for our Woof Deals selection to get cheap pet beds, Discount on Pet Supplies & Accessories.

  3. Steve M says:

    Last year our two cats knocked our tree down during the middle of the night. Easy enough to set it back up, but then I discovered in the morning that the tree branches had scratched big marks into the custom family photos that were hanging on the wall behind. That was a $170 expense. We'll avoid it this year with trying this product and keeping the cats out of the tree. I'll let you know since we're putting our tree up this week!

  4. Sabina Ayne says:

    Agnes loved climbing the tree – she would climb to the top, jump to the floor, run around the room and start all over again. She eventualy knocked the tree over and broke some really nice ornaments. She did this som much that she completey warped my tree. But I loved her anyway!

  5. Karen says:

    Pixel will jump to the tree. I wonder if it will helP against toddlers too

  6. Milene says:

    The first year I had Enzo, it became apparent that he had decided that the Christmas tree was going to be his own personal cat tree.  So that year the Christmas tree had no lights, no tinsel and three Star Wars plastic ornaments.  He enjoyed the tree so much that year that I had to throw it away and buy a new one.



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