“Genetically Engineered Cat Girls”? Just Say No!

genetically engineered cat girlsMy fellow kittehs,

I am taking time out of my sooper importunt Blak Friday shopping (what WILL I git my speshul frend Daisy for Krissmiss?) to raze yer awareness of a petishun that has bin submitted to the Wite House.

This petishun promotes the genetik engineering of cat gerlz as a way to boost the economy. Now, I dunno about you, but as long as the toona joose and Fansy Feest keeps comin’, I don’t give a rat’s patootie about the economy.

Here is whut the petishun sez:

We believe that the genetic engineering of cat girls could be potentially beneficial for the economy and an effective for use as domestic house servant. The money being used to fight the drug war is effectively pointless. We could be using this money to fund other much more important things such as the genetic engineering of cat girls for domestic use. The government could then sell these genetic household workers to boost the economy and try to further decrease the national debt. They could be used around the house so that the homeowners could pursue jobs to also boost the economy.

And then I did sum investigaytive reserch and whut I saw wuz vary disterbin. Cuz it terns out the cat gerls are animay slutz.

I do not think it’s rite to call these animay slutz “cat gerlz” cuz it makes cats look bad. And beesides, we’ve all bin fixed so we don’t git slutty anymore. Thare is a society of gentically engineered cat gerlz on Facebook hoo shood be shut down becuz thare vary exzistinse is an afrunt to felinekind.

Just becuz you can submit a petishun to the wite house duzn’t meen you shood. I think we shood all purrtest this horribul petishun and evrything it stands for.

The End.
Skeezix the Cat

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  1. The nerve! Why don’t they just call them anime sluts?


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