Georgia on my mind

Today me an Trip an the Food Lady wint to Atlanta fur Barkworld. I wuzn’t so shur about the dawg part, but win I saw sum of my good frends like Preston and Cosmo and Pepper the Pomeraynian I changed my mind.

We had to walk about 86 miles thru the Atlanta airport to get to our limo. It was a party limo with two bars and neon lites on the seelings.It wuz good to sit down after walking so far.

Then we had a speed dating session with diffrint brands. You talk to sumwun for five minits and then go talk to someone else.

And PetCareRX took us to dinner. I gess they knowed that I am in innernet sellebrity. It was a good dinner and we got to sit next my grate frend Gracey the Tiniest Tiger.  I felt kinda funny about PetCareRX taking us to dinner cuz my speshul frend Daisy blogs for 1800Pet Meds. That is a good ethiks qweschun to ask Max next week. Sorry, Daisy, but it’s just bidniss. In Atlanta, everybuddy sez “bidniss” insted of “bizness.”

Tomorrow brekfist is at 7am and we git to spend sum time with da grate and byootiful Kate Benjamin.

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  1. SKEEZIX Dood! We tried to send our momma there too, and she up and went all WORK-y on us. Pfft! Tell Katie ‘n’ Glogirly HI for us!


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